There’s a saying that nothing goes to waste in the universe, whether this assertion is true or not, the answer is relative. When you realise that you can convert your American Express(Amex) Gift Card into cash, you may believe that nothing goes to waste, indeed. 

Have you ever received an Amex Gift Card from a friend or colleague but you are completely unaware of what you are supposed to do with it? 

Have you purchased an Amex Gift Card before but suddenly lost interest in purchasing anything with the gift card and just wish it could turn to cash?

Do not worry, your Amex Gift Card is a  very valuable asset that can be converted to cash, hence, it can never waste. If this sounds appealing to you and you want to know how to do it, keep reading.

AmEx gift card

What is an Amex Gift Card

An American Express Gift Card is not different from other gift cards you have heard of. It is just like a prepaid card that has been preloaded with a certain money value normally the USD. American Express Gift Cards are commonly used in the US and are a widely accepted payment method in retail stores and supermarkets like Walmart, BestBuy etc. The cards are issued in different currency denominations, such that there’s always an affordable one for all. You can get an Amex Gift Card of $10, $25, $50, $100 etc.

American Express Gift Card can also be traded for cash but not just cash, you can convert it to Bitcoin or USDT on our system

How To Exchange American Express Gift Card For Cash

I know you can’t wait to hear this part already. Of course, who doesn’t like the idea of making money?

Here are the simple steps you can follow to sell your Amex gift card for cash.

  1.  Create an account and log in 
  2. Click on  “Start Trade”
  3. Click “Sell Gift Card” 
  4. Select Category”: Select Amex Gift Card 
  5. Select “GIFT CARD” This is where you will further specify the type of  Amex gift card you want to sell.
  6. Select “AMOUNT”: Enter the total amount of Amex gift cards you want to sell. The price of the gift card will be displayed in your chosen currency(Naira or Cedis).  The price is automatically given by an automated rate calculator on our platform according to the current rate.
  7. Upload File: Upload pictures of the Amex gift cards or type in the codes in the comment section if you have the e-Gift Amex card.
  8.  Select PAYOUT METHOD: Since you are selling the Amex cards for cash, just select Naira or Cedis.

SEND DIRECTLY:Tick the checkbox that reads “Send Directly To My Bank Account” if you want the money to be sent to your bank account directly. Also, do well to provide the correct bank details.

9. Finally, click “APPLY” and you would receive your payment in a few moments.

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