Guide On How To Recharge Glo Airtime

New and existing active Glo subscribers cannot undermine the importance of understanding how to recharge Glo airtime because that is what makes your phone number functional, with the ability to navigate through some functions on your mobile devices.

How to recharge Glo airtime

Mobile devices are a necessity in our daily lives as it enables us to achieve many things at our convenience, but they may be nearly needless without having an airtime recharge on them. Yes, it may argue that with or without an airtime recharge, a mobile device can still function optimally. Still, you should also know that having airtime on your device avails you of different opportunities for communication.

Airtime recharge is the act of buying airtime to a preferred mobile network. This, in turn, enables you to make calls, send text messages, and even make data subscriptions to access internet services. In similitude to the local parlance that “data is life,” I can affirm that airtime is the blood because when there is no blood, life may cease. Hence, it alludes to the Importance of airtime recharge on your mobile devices.

Airtime is an intriguing concept because it does not expire as long as it is used on an active mobile phone connection. There is no devaluation. The credit can rise in value – and it is not susceptible to political influence or affected by commodity prices. Airtime is, in many respects, a steady ‘currency,’ albeit with limitations: it can only be used for services like calls, SMS, or data on the carrier network from whom it was purchased.

Nigeria is home to over 220 million active mobile subscribers, with Glo sitting as the second-largest telecommunications network with over 60 million active mobile subscribers. With this staggering number of Glo active users, you can imagine how important it is to know how to get a Glo airtime.

So this article is to guide you on how to recharge Glo airtime with simple steps.

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An Overview Of Glo Airtime Recharge

The concept of airtime recharge may not be new to every mobile device user (regardless of the phone model) because it serves the same purposes for every mobile network, but how you get your mobile device recharged with airtime varies the mobile network to mobile network.

Globacom Network, popularly known as Glo, has been in operation for two decades, and it has been consistent with the way you recharge its airtime on your mobile devices. Similar to the types of gift cards, physical and digital, Glo airtime also exists in both physical and virtual forms.

Physical Glo airtime appears in paper form, and you can buy it from physical retail stores across the country. This type of airtime exists in N100, N200, N500, N750, N1,000, and N1,500 denominations. Physical Glo airtime has a 15-digit PIN. Meanwhile, you can also have your Glo airtime recharge via the online portal by selecting the amount of airtime you want to buy and entering your Glo phone number.

What Are The Benefits Of Recharging Glo Airtime?

1. It enables you to make calls, send texts, and access the internet through Glo data subscription plans.

2. You can Glo airtime to friends and family as a gift.

3. Exchange for cash. You can convert your Glo airtime to cash by selling the airtime on platforms like Prestmit. We are one of the best platforms to flip airtime for cash in Nigeria, as we offer the best rates for your airtime.

4. Reward for diligence from employers to employees

How To Recharge Glo Airtime

There are different steps to recharging Glo airtime, depending on whether you have a physical Glo recharge card or the Glo E-PIN.

1. Online Recharge

This is an easy way to recharge your Glo airtime from your bank account. How do you achieve this?

  • Visit Glo website
  • Click on “Recharge Now”
  • Enter your Glo phone number
  • Dial “*805#.”
  • Select your bank
  • Enter the amount of airtime you want to buy
  • You will receive a confirmation message on your phone upon the successful transaction

Also, you can buy a recharge card PIN and have your airtime recharged on your mobile device.

2. Recharge Through USSD Codes

You can achieve this using two different USSD codes.

Basic Method

How to recharge Glo airtime

  • Carefully scratch the card to access the PIN
  • Dial “*123*” (15-digit PIN) #
  • Press OK/Send on your mobile device
  • Dial “#124#” to check your account balance

For instance, if I want to recharge an N500 Glo airtime on my Glo sim with the phone number 08056789012 and the card’s PIN is 12345 67890 12345. I will dial *123*123456789012345#. Here, the N500 airtime will be added to my balance.

The Glo 4X Method

  • Buy a Glo recharge card and carefully scratch the silver panel of the card to reveal the PIN
  • Dial “*323* (15-digit PIN) #
  • Press OK/Send on your mobile device.

You can use the example I shared on the basic method for this instance too.

Common Problems And Solutions Of Glo Airtime Recharge

Some problems are associated with Glo airtime recharge, but some issues can be adequately resolved.

Common Errors In Glo Airtime Recharge

1. Invalid Recharge Error

You can encounter an invalid recharge error with your Glo airtime recharge if you make a mistake in entering the correct PIN digits or when you recharge a Glo airtime on a phone number other than the Glo number. For instance, you will get an invalid recharge error if you refresh a Glo airtime on an MTN number.

2. Insufficient Balance Error

This is another type of error which emanates from the delay of the Glo airtime adding to your balance after recharge. This may be due to network downtime or some issue with the PIN.

Solutions To Common Problems

1. Ensure to enter the correct PIN digits. You may need to check and confirm that the 15-digit PIN is correct painstakingly. Avoid using “I” for “1” or “O” for “0”.

2. You must ensure that you are recharging the Glo airtime on a phone number.

3. Contact the Glo support team to resolve critical issues far from your reach.


Glo airtime recharge is a process you can achieve with easy steps of either using USSD codes or via online recharge, as you can enjoy different benefits the airtime comes with when you have it on your mobile device. One such advantage is converting the airtime to cash, which you can do on Prestmit.

However, it is important to buy your Glo airtime at trusted stores and take care of your PIN to avoid losing it to fraudsters. You can also show love to friends and family by sending a Glo airtime to their Glo numbers.

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