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Gift Card Exchange Rates In Nigeria in 2022

gift card exchange ratesGift cards, since their invention in ‘94, have helped gift-givers solve the brain-tasking job of trying to figure out what to buy for the receiver. They put the responsibility of buying the gift in the hands of the receivers and created a win-win situation. But imagine buying an AMEX gift card in the US but having to get back to Nigeria for an emergency? What do you then do with the AMEX gift card that doesn’t work in Nigeria? You trade them on a gift card exchange platform for the best gift cards exchange rates. 

What are Gift Cards?

They are payment cards that are issued to receivers as gifts in order for them to buy what they want. Most retailers and service providers have adopted gift cards as a means of payment. Examples of different brands of gift cards are Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, iTunes gift cards etc.

Gift cards can’t be used to withdraw cash from ATMs. “ Once the money loaded on the card is exhausted it can’t be used again. There are majorly two types of gift cards and they are Open-Loop and Closed-Loop gift cards.


Open-Loop gift card,s on the other hand, are redeemable in any store or merchant that accepts the gift card’s brand of debit/credit cards. E.g Visa and Mastercard gift cards.  


Closed-Loop gift cards are gift cards that are redeemable in the stores of the gift card issuer.  For example Sephora gift cards, Amazon gift cards etc.

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How to Trade Gift Cards at Good Exchange Rates

It’s 2022 and the world is slowly creeping out of the Covid-19 pandemic while gift card exchange companies make it easier for gift card traders. To trade your gift cards in Nigeria all you need is a reliable gift card exchange platform.

Before you select a gift card exchange platform to trade on consider the following:

  • Do they buy at high rates?
  • Will you be paid instantly?
  • Is the platform easy to use?
  • Do they have an effective customer support system?
  • Is the platform equipped with a Rate Calculator?

One platform that positively answers these questions is Prestmit platforms/app. Trading gift cards can’t get any easier than Prestmit. 

What Do You Get on Prestmit?

  • High Rates
  • Instant Payment
  • User friendly
  • Responsive/helpful customer service.
  • A Rate Calculator

The Rate Calculator is important for the article focus and I will explain why.

How To Know Your Gift Card Exchange Rates In Nigeria

Are you trying to sell a $100 Amazon gift card or is it a Google gift card? Whatever the case is you can get how much they sell for on Prestmit with the Rate Calculator. The Rate Calculator helps traders know how much their gift cards cost at any given time. So how do you use it?

How to Use the Rate Calculator to Know Your Gift Card Exchange Rates

Follow the steps to use the Rate Calculator on Prestmit to check your gift card exchange rates:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the menu button which is the three lines at the top of the site beside “DASHBOARD”.
  3. Click on “RATES”.
  4. On the Rate Calculator page you will see the following options:
  • Gift Card Category: Gift Card brand name. E.g Amazon gift card.
  • Gift Card Subcategory: Type of gift card you are selling. E.g USA Amazon E-code.
  • Amount: This is the amount loaded on your gift card. E.g $200.
  • Payment Method: This is the currency you want to be paid in. E.g Naira or Bitcoins.

After filling all these boxes correctly the buying price will automatically be displayed for you to see. So next time you are in Nigeria with a gift card you can’t use you should trade them on Prestmit. But first, you need to know your rates, do not hesitate to use the Rate Calculator.


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