Buy Mobile MoneyFirst of all, humanity depended on trade by barter for the exchange of commodities and services. As we got smarter we invented fiat money (regular money, basically). And that was our only mode of payment of goods and services rendered. Due to the limitations of regular cash poses humanity had to adjust once again. Fast forward to these days, online storage of money has become the order of the day. Whether online banking, cryptocurrency or Mobile Money, it is obvious humanity is trying to create alternatives to cash. Another way humanity devised to store money is on cards. Yes, your debit, credit and even Gift Cards are also innovative ways humanity has adapted to create a cashless society. Visa is one of the leading payment card providers, no wonder Vanilla Gifts partnered with them to create the Vanilla Gift Card. In this article, we will be looking at how to convert the Visa-branded, delicious-sounding Vanilla gift card to Mobile Money.

What Is Mobile Money?

Mobile Money is an IT invention that allows its consumers to use their phones as banks. Through mobile wallet providers like mPesa, MTN mobile money, people can receive, save and transfer money with their phones. Mobile Money services are more common in Asia, Latin America and African countries. 

MTN, the mobile network giants provide Mobile Money services for people in Nigeria and Ghana.

What Is a Vanilla Gift Card?

Vanilla gift cards are Visa-branded gift cards sold only on Just like every other gift card that is used to redeem gift items they are prepaid cards. This means they have a monetary value on them. The monetary value ranges from $10-$500. 

Vanilla gift cards are rechargeable. You read right, unlike other gift cards, they are not one time cards but refillable like debit and credit cards. 

How To Trade Vanilla Gift Card for Mobile Money

To sell Vanilla gift cards for Mobile money, you need to create an account on a safe gift card exchange platform. Once you create this account you are qualified to sell gift cards for mobile money. After creating the account you sign in then fill in the necessary information. Be sure to pick Vanilla as the gift card which you want to trade. Also, pick what currency you want to be in as your payment method. To check for the current price of a Vanilla gift card, you can use a Rate Calculator.

So if you are not redeeming your Vanilla gift card for gifts, you can most definitely trade them for mobile money.