It’s pretty impossible to talk about gift cards today and omit the relevance and popularity of Amazon gift cards. 

The reason for this is not far-fetched since the Amazon retail store is the largest online retailer in the world, with over 1.6 million daily package sales. 

The Amazon gift card came to be to make transactions more convenient for customers, reward loyal customers and increase sales revenue.

Amazon gift cards can be bought or found in almost every nook and cranny of the earth and can be used to make purchases on the Amazon online store.

However, since it represents a money asset, you may resell the Amazon card for cash or cryptocurrency.

One of the many problems facing Amazon card users is the inability to determine how much their Amazon gift card is worth in their local currency. 

Maybe when you know how much your $100 Amazon gift voucher can be exchanged for in Naira, you will be more intentional about what you choose to do with it. 

This article highlights the complete information on how much an Amazon card of $100 is worth in Nigeria and also how to sell Amazon cards for cash and gift card

What Is An Amazon Card?

Amazon card is a voucher preloaded with a certain amount of money, primarily used as an alternative for cash payments on the Amazon online store.

Amazon cards let people add money to their Amazon accounts, which can be used to buy products and services on Amazon.

There are two main types of Amazon cards; Amazon physical gift cards and virtual cards(e-codes).

The Amazon physical gift cards can be purchased from the Amazon store and shipped to the user’s mailbox. Depending on the user’s location, this can take some days to process.

However, the Amazon virtual card is in digital form, and the code is sent directly to the user’s email after making the purchase. 

Users have the luxury of choosing the amount of Amazon voucher they want to buy because the card is issued in a variety of monetary denominations.

You can buy Amazon gift vouchers between $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $200 and above. There is also room to customize Amazon cards with beautiful messages for your loved ones.

An image of Amazon gift card

What Can I Use Amazon Gift Card $100 For?

There are so many ways to use an Amazon card that you may not have thought of. Remember that an Amazon card is a money asset used to make transactions on the Amazon store. When you think of what you can use an Amazon card to do, think of how you can use the money.

Firstly, an Amazon voucher is a sure way to pay for your cart of items on the Amazon store. This card makes it easy for you to transact without any third party’s intervention and offers discounts on purchased items. On the Amazon store, you can buy almost anything; some things you can buy in the store include clothes, books, shoes, electronics, sports equipment and even hire professional services like teaching.

Secondly, an Amazon gift voucher is a better and alternative gifting item compared to the traditional gifting practice of buying gift items.

When you buy your friends, employees or family an Amazon card, they automatically have the power of choosing their most preferred gift item from the store without you deciding for them. This saves you from the stress of creating the perfect gift idea; at the same time, they get what they truly desire.

Thirdly, even when an Amazon card is not needed for in-store transactions by the recipient, it can be sold for cash or crypto.

Amazon card is never a waste because it’s an asset everyone desires to have. It’s very valuable and can be useful on many occasions.

How Much Is Amazon Card $100 In Nigeria? 

The current price of a $100 Amazon gift card in Naira, as given by the best trading platform in Nigeria, Prestmit, is #67,000 at the rate of 670.

You may fall into the category of people who just received or will likely receive an Amazon card, but there’s no intention of using the card on the Amazon store. This post is specifically prepared to show you how much cash or  cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) you can sell  a $100 Amazon card for.

Before we proceed, you need to understand that the rates of Amazon cards are very relative to its market forces of demand and supply. 

The rate for Amazon cards is not fixed but fluctuates according to the demand and supply at a particular time.

Another factor affecting the rate is the trading platform you choose to sell your card. Some gift card trading platforms offer meagre rates when compared to others.

Gift card rates can change over time, but you can always use our calculator to check the current rate.

Where To Sell Amazon Card $100 Dollar For Cash In Nigeria

This article will not be complete if I do not show where to sell Amazon gift vouchers in Nigeria.

The booming demand and use of Amazon cards have created the need for gift card online trading platforms. 

In Nigeria, there are quite a several platforms where you can sell Amazon cards for cash, but only a few are good for you and your assets.

The best online trading platform you can think of anywhere in Nigeria today is Prestmit.

Prestmit is an online trading app that provides all gift card traders with a seamless and unique trading experience. 

The platform offers  many unique features to gift card traders, which include;

  • High Rates On Digital Assets.
  • Instant Payment.
  • Multiple Payment Options.
  • High-Security Protocol.
  • Swift Customer Service.
  • Simple User Interface.
  • Automated Gift Card Calculator.

The Prestmit platform gives you the best value for your Amazon card through the best rates on digital assets and also a unique user experience. 

Quickly sell your Amazon cards for cash or crypto on the platform and experience a new dimension of gift card trading.


Amazon cards are popular for many reasons, including the different use cases highlighted in this post.

If you have an Amazon card, it is only essential to know your card’s value in case you want to exchange it for cash.

Prestmit is the best platform to give you the unique experience you desire, including a sweet rate.