The Amazon gift card issued by Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world is top on the list of gift card users.

The Amazon gift card can be used to purchase almost everything you can get online. As it is the time of the season when many people are looking for what to give their loved ones, gift cards always cross the mind.

Amazon gift cards are in denominations as you have them in several other gift cards. Amazon gift cards can be redeemed on Amazon stores and can be exchanged for cash or cryptocurrency on top trading platforms such as Prestmit.

In this post, we’ll see the rate of a 25-dollar Amazon gift card in Nigerian naira today. Before then, let’s know more about the Amazon gift card.

What You Need to Know About Amazon Gift Cards

An Amazon gift card is a card pre-loaded with a set amount of money that can be used to purchase any item on the Amazon store.

The list of products and services that can be purchased on the Amazon store is endless which makes it a hot-selling gift voucher. Asides from this, this gift voucher can also be used as a gift to loved ones. They can then purchase whatever they like with it themselves.

The buyer of these gift cards can redeem them on Amazon for anything on Amazon and other Amazon-branded stores.

The Amazon gift card is of three types, Amazon e-gift cards, print-at-home Amazon gift cards, and Amazon physical gift cards. There is also amazon cash receipts, amazon debit receipt, amazon activation receipt and no receipts, depending on the payment method and store of purchase.

An image of Amazon gift card

Amazon gift card

How Much is a 25 Dollar Amazon Gift Card in Naira?

The Amazon gift card can be redeemed on top trading platforms in Nigeria like Prestmit. On such platforms, you will get the rate for your gift cards in naira.

Rates are frequently updated due to the volatile nature of the market value. However, as of writing, the $25 Amazon gift card is #9,750. This is arguably the best rate you would get in Nigeria as Prestmit has the highest resale value. This is one of the reasons to sell Amazon gift cards on this platform.

25 dollar Amazon gift cards rate in naira

25-dollar Amazon gift cards rate in naira

How to Check Amazon Gift Card Rate

With the help of a gift calculator, you can check the rate of your gift cards. Asides from checking the rate in Nigerian Naira, you’ll also get the rates in Ghana Cedis, Bitcoin or USDT. Listed below are the simple ways to check the gift card rates.

1. Click the gift card calculator

2. Select the category (name of the gift card), and then the subcategories under it will be displayed. E.G USA Amazon Gift Card (10-49) means Amazon Gift Card bought in the US. The 10-49 means the amount is within 10 to 49.

3. Then, enter the gift card amount.

4. Check the amount you will get in return for any of the available payment methods. For instance, if you choose the naira as a payment method, the system shows how much naira you will get in return for your gift card.

There are multiple payment options when you choose Prestmit for your gift card trading. You can be paid in cash (Naira or Cedi) or Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin or USDT).

Prestmit app for gift card trading

Prestmit app for gift card trading

Where to Sell Top Gift Cards in Nigeria

There are several platforms for gift card trading in Nigeria. We are assuring you that the best place to get a wonderful trading experience is Prestmit.

On this platform built with love for its users, you can sell top gift cards at the best rate. With the Prestmit app, you can sell top gift cards such as Amazon, AMEX, Vanilla, Steam, eBay, Shoprite, and many other gift vouchers.

The services rendered by this digital exchange platform have made it one to always consider for gift card users in this part of the world.


The rate of gift cards differs from one platform to another. However, the best place to get the best rate for your gift cards such as Amazon is Prestmit.