Gift cards have become so common today, and they are used in most stores to complete transactions. A good example is the Brazil iTunes card, used mainly by Apple users on the Apple store to purchase digital products and services like music, apps, e-books, apps, movies etc. Remember, iTunes card cannot give the same utility as Apple store card.

The services and products in the iTunes store are always designed so that every country has unique items that people in that territory can only access. 

For this reason, you will need a Brazil iTunes card to unlock some premium products and services on the store. The Brazil iTunes card gives you credit needed to unlock this content on the Apple store.

However, everyone may not be interested in using this card on the iTunes store. Some may not even have an Apple device, while some may need cash instead of a gift card. Remember that gift cards are simply money stored as a gift vouchers. 

In this case, anyone with a Brazil iTunes card would find a way to sell it off. Do you have a Brazil iTunes card in your possession and do not know how to sell it for cash? This article will teach you how to sell Brazil iTunes gift cards from anywhere in the world and also cover the different options for selling Brazil iTunes cards.

Brazil iTunes card

Why Should I Sell My Brazil iTunes Card?

You can do many things on the iTunes store with that Brazil iTunes card in your locker. Things like buying music, games, and apps and even gifting them as gifts to friends and families.

You will agree that people keep gift cards because they offer them some value either in the store or outside. The moment you do not need to use your Brazil iTunes card on the Apple store or give it out to someone, it is safe to say that you need a way to get back the money value of the card without spending it. The only way to do that is to redeem the gift card for cash using any of the options I will give you in the next part of this article.

In essence, you can sell the gift voucher when you need either Bitcoin or cash and doing this is the simplest thing you can think of.

Sell on an Online Marketplace

You can easily sell your Brazil iTunes card on popular online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay. On these platforms, gift card owners can list their cards for potential buyers who may be interested. Users fix their prices while following the platform’s protocol.

These online marketplaces have some policies guiding the listing of gift cards on their platforms. For example, on the eBay platform, users can only list gift cards authorized sellers to sell, collectable gift cards with no redemption value will have a total face value of $500 or less, and they must ship within five days from the date it was sold. 

Also, electronic gift cards cannot be listed but approved third-party retailers can sell them, provided eBay has vetted them.

Listing on eBay is free, but you will start paying %0.35 when you have exceeded 250 listings per month. However, eBay will keep 12.9% of your sales revenue when your item is sold.

Visit eBay’s prelist page to sell your Brazil iTunes card now.

Brazil iTunes card

Sell To a Gift Card Reseller

You can also sell to a gift card reseller around you and get paid for your card. A gift card reseller is a company or an individual who buys gift cards from users and sells them back to other companies at face value and reduced prices.

With gift card resellers, you can sell more varieties of cards, including Brazil iTunes cards at good rates. 

This method offers you more gift card options with little or no strict policies.

One problem with this method of selling gift vouchers is the big probability of getting duped by a fraudulent platform or individual.

Anyway, do not worry about that, I will give you a hint of a verified and reliable platform where you can quickly sell Brazil iTunes cards with no issues and at high rates.

Using the Prestmit platform, you can boast of a reputable gift card reseller where you can exchange your Brazil iTunes vouchers for cash.

The rate for your gift card is given by the automated gift card rates calculator on the platform. It also updates every minute of the day, making it a real-time calculator.

Sell To a Friend or Family Member

If you call this a family business, you are not far from the truth. You can sell your Brazil iTunes card to your friend or a family member who may need it, especially if you have one in Brazil.

The good part is that you know your buyer, and you’re guaranteed to get paid. Of course, your friend or family member cannot scam you. You know who to hold responsible even if they do not pay you.

Again, you can set any price, providing they agree to buy at that price. You also do not need to pay extra fees for selling your gift vouchers, unlike the online marketplaces where you pay a certain amount for listing and selling your card.

If you have friends and family that understand the importance of gift cards, you’re good to go. All you need to do is tell them about your Brazil iTunes card, which you want to sell, negotiate with them and seal the deal.

Even if they do not know gift cards, educate them on their use and importance in the modern world. You can also convince them to buy yours and try it on the iTunes store.


In summary, you can easily sell Brazil iTunes cards using the three methods listed above. You should understand that each of them is unique, and they have their ups and downs. What works for Mr A may not work for Mr B, so you need to consider your strengths and weaknesses before choosing any method you wish to sell your gift card.

However, if you must sell gift vouchers using gift card resellers, you should be very careful of the reseller you are dealing with. Prestmit remains the first choice and the most reliable gift card reseller for your Brazil iTunes card.