Gift cards have changed the game for international shopping from global brands. Most merchants issue gift cards that make life much easier, especially for gift-giving. No matter where you are, there are gift cards for you to use and to give as gifts. So, if you live in Romania, there are gift cards for you. Romanian gift cards span every type you can think of – sports, food, entertainment, beauty and fashion, etc. You’re sure to have many options to give anyone as a gift for any occasion.

That’s why, in this article, we will explore the top 10 gift cards in Romania for any occasion. We’ll also do you one better and tell you where you can buy a gift card in Romania. Let’s get to it.

Top 10 Best Romanian Gift Card Options

  1. Carrefour gift card
  2. Amazon gift card
  3. Decathlon
  4. Starbucks
  5. iTunes gift card
  6. Google Play
  7. Cinema City gift card
  8. Flanco gift card
  9. H&M gift card
  10. Douglas gift card


1. Carrefour gift card

carrefour gift card

You can’t talk about Romanian gift cards without mentioning Carrefour gift cards. Carrefour is a chain store supermarket in Romania offering a wide range of household items, electronic gadgets, food items, and more. The store has 358 branches nationwide, allowing people to shop for goods in-store and online anywhere in Romania.

The gift card is excellent for all occasions because the holder gets a vast selection of items that will always be needed.

2. Amazon

amazon gift card in Romania

Is there any country that does not appreciate Amazon as one of the biggest online superstores? Amazon gift cards in Romania are the ultimate birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or even wedding present for anyone. Why? Because there are too many useful and fancy items on the online marketplace.

Whether it’s a kitchen rack or a mountain climbing gear, you can find it there. It’s hands down one of the most versatile gift cards in Romania.

3. Decathlon gift card

If your intended recipient is into sports and fitness, buy a gift card from Decathlon, and they’ll be smiling from ear to ear. Decathlon gift cards give the holder access to fitness wear – clothing and footwear, fitness gear for cycling, bodybuilding, and smart devices. It’s one of the Romanian gift cards that fits all occasions.

4. Starbucks


Romanians are always about their business, and those who drink coffee appreciate the extra boost it provides. Since coffee isn’t seasonal, a Starbucks gift card would also be perfect for any occasion. Let the receiver enjoy treats at any Starbucks outlet in Romania.

5. iTunes

itunes gift card

Send a music lover an iTunes gift card, and you’ll win their hearts. With this gift, your loved one would have access to all their favourite songs to make their special occasion even more colourful. Giving an iTunes gift card in Romania is a show of care and concern because music is food for the soul.

6. Google Play

Google Play gift card


A Google Play gift card is among the list of gift cards that fit every occasion. Google Play store has lots of apps, games, books, movies, music, and other entertainment bits you can think of. If your intended recipient is an Android user and enjoys entertainment, this card makes the best and most convenient gift.

7. Cinema City gift card

Cinema city gift card

This gift card passes every fit-check for movie lovers. A Cinema City gift card gives the holder access to a fantastic time of their favourite movies on the big screens. Whether it’s for a date night, a birthday, or even a honeymoon, this gift card is high on the list of gift cards in Romania that bring joy to the receiver.

8. Flanco gift card

The Flanco gift card is a popular Romanian gift cards that gives the holder access to electronics on the store’s website. Flanco has numerous walk-in stores across Romania and caters to thousands of Romanians daily. If you want to gift someone an electronic gadget or appliance, it’s best to let them choose what they need or want. This gift card gives them that choice.

9. H&M gift card

H&M gift card

Fashion lovers will appreciate an H&M gift card as it allows them to shop for classic and trendy clothing pieces. Whether it’s their long-coveted cashmere sweater or the perfect denim pants, H&M has it. Trust this gift card to fit every occasion because any time is a good time to add a new clothes to your wardrobe. Since there are many H&M stores dotting the cities of Romania. Your recipient can shop on ground or order online.

10. Douglas gift card

Of course, beauty enthusiasts are not left out. Douglas is one of the beauty and cosmetics storefronts in Romania, and a gift card from them allows the holder access to a plethora of makeup products. The brand offers a wide range of skincare, hair, body & face, and other cosmetic products for people to choose from.


There are many other gift card options in Romania for any occasion, but these are the top 10 that cover the most popular areas of interest or needs of individuals. You might wonder, “Where can I buy a gift card in Romania?” Check out some online and offline stores to buy Romanian gift cards.

Where to Buy Gift Cards in Romania.

You can buy gift cards in Romania from different outlets, whether online or offline. Some of these outlets are.

  1. Retail stores: Retailers are the most popular gift card vendors everywhere. Online retail platforms like Prestmit and My Romanian Store sell gift cards in Romania alongside other vendors that may be offline.
  2. E-Commerce Sites: Outlets like Amazon, OLX, and eMag sell Romanian gift cards. These are reliable platforms where you can check for the top-selling gift cards in Romania.
  3. Merchant Websites: All merchants that issue gift cards in Romania and beyond have websites. You can shop for and order them on these sites.

Frequently Asked Questions About Romanian Gift Card Types

What gift card is available in Romania?

A: There are a plethora of gift cards in Romania. Some of them are Amazon, Starbucks, Carrefour, Decathlon, Flanco, and Google Play gift cards, to name a few.

Where can I buy gift cards in Romania?

A: You can buy gift cards in Romania from retail stores like Prestmit and My Romanian Store, e-commerce platforms like Amazon and OLX, or directly from merchant websites. The retail vendors may be online or offline.

What are the most popular gift cards in Romania?

A: One of the most popular gift cards in Romania is the Carrefour gift card. Carrefour is a superstore that sells household items, from electronics to food items. It is well known to Romanians.


Gift cards are assets to whoever has them and are perfect gifts for any occasion. Romanian gift cards are not left out as they can solve a need or provide some form of relaxation for anyone living in Romania. There are several gift cards in Romania to choose from, but in this article, we have narrowed the list down to the top 10.

You can buy gift cards in Romania from online and offline retailers, merchant websites, or eCommerce stores like eMag, Amazon, and OLX.

Ensure you confirm that the gift card you chose is acceptable in the recipient’s area before you do. Doing that ensures they use it rather than leave it dormant or sell it. Beware of fake sites that claim to sell gift cards as well.