Amongst the four major mobile network providers in Nigeria, MTN stands out. The maven network provider keeps doling out value-packed services, and a loyalty or use-based reward system called MTN points is one of them. While you may be used to selling airtime for cash or using cash to get airtime and data, you can redeem your points for data. So it might be time for you to know how to convert MTN points to data.

At first glance, the reward system may seem unremarkable because one must be a constant and heavy user to accumulate points worth redeeming, right? Not really.

Chances are very high that if you’re reading this article, you’re a young person between the ages of 16-50. People in this age range tend to be heavy users who may be accumulating points unbeknownst to them.

With your accumulated points, you can get extra value on airtime for voice calls and SMS. You can even add the points to the airtime you intend to use for a specific data bundle. With that in mind, let’s look at the steps to convert MTN points to data.

Understanding MTN Points And Data Conversion

Convert mtn points to data

MTN has a new loyalty programme called the MTN Prestige. It places all users that qualify in bands – bronze, silver, gold and platinum. There are different benefits for each band. Embedded in this reward system are MTN’s pulse points

MTN points, also called Pulse points, are accrued to users on the MTN Pulse plan.

MTN Pulse is a tariff plan that enables users to make calls at a flat rate after the first 90 call seconds daily. Apart from enticing call rates, the plan includes special data plans, such as a 1.5GB weekly plan at N500, according to the service provider.

The Pulse points, or what is generalled MTN points, are just the network provider’s way of saying, “Thanks for using our network heavily and consistently. Here’s a token of appreciation”. According to MTN, you can be rewarded with points by doing any or all of the following.

You can redeem your points for free data, and the bundle you can get depends on how many points you have accumulated.

The eligibility criteria for being able to convert your points to data are as follows

  1. Get on the MTN Pulse tariff plan.
  2. Buy airtime and data bundles (daily/weekly/monthly or IG/TikTok/Youtube bundles or the nightlife bundles)

Remember, you must keep buying airtime and/or data to accumulate points. It’s not a once-off purchase.

How To Check Your MTN Points Balance

Use the USSD code and the steps below to check your MTN points balance.

Steps on How to Check Your MTN Points via USSD

  • Dial *406# on your phone.
  • From the menu, select Pulse Points or number 7.
  • From the new menu, choose Pulse Points balance or number 4.

Your pulse points will be displayed immediately. If you have zero points, it will also be displayed. If you cannot access the service via USSD, it may be due to a service timeout. In that case, try again after a while.

Remember that you should check your points balance often to know when you’ve accumulated enough to convert to data. You can lose your points if you do not check them regularly. Points expire after a period.


How To Convert Your MTN Points To Data

You can convert or redeem your points for data through USSD Codes or SMS. One point equals one naira. So, the number of points you have can add to your airtime for data subscription. Now, to redeem your points for data via the USSD code, take the following steps.

  • Dial *406# on your mobile phone.
  • From the options, choose Pulse Points, which is option 7.
  • From the following menu, select Redeem Data Bundles, which is option 1.
  • Then choose the plan you intend to purchase with your points. There are three options under regular data bundles – daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Choose the plan you want and follow the prompt to complete the request.
  • If you prefer Nightlife or IG/TikTok bundles, select 0 to go back to the previous menu and choose your preferred bundle.
  • Confirm your selection by following the prompt and receive your data.

To convert your MTN points to data via SMS, text your preferred data bundle keyword to 312. The bundle must be one of the eligible ones for points conversion. You can check out MTN’s website for the different keywords.

Terms And Conditions

MTN has some terms and conditions accompanying the conversion of points to data. They are as follows.

  1. You be on the Pulse tariff plan to be eligible for, accumulate and redeem points.
  2. Your pulse points have a validity period of one year, after which they expire.
  3. You will not receive points for converting your points to data.
  4. You will lose your points if you migrate from the Pulse tariff plan.
  5. You can convert your points to data using your Pulse points only or in combination with your airtime.

You need to properly understand the terms and conditions before you set about converting your points to data to avoid feeling blindsided afterwards.

Additional Tips And Considerations

  1. If you need more than your accumulated points to purchase the data bundle you want, consider combining it with airtime.
  2. To gather more MTN points to convert to data, ensure you make calls of at least 5 minutes daily. You can space out the calls but ensure they accumulate to 5 minutes before the day runs out.
  3. Check your balance regularly. Dial *406*7#.



You will enjoy better value for your money when you convert your MTN points to data. You get back a fraction of your airtime or data by redeeming the points you have gathered.

Remember that your points will expire if you don’t convert them early enough.

Don’t hesitate to contact MTN customer support if you have any troubleshooting issues. Stay abreast of all the newest updates and offers on the MTN network. Now, go on and convert your MTN Points to data. They’re long overdue.