Buy Data, Airtime and Pay Other Bills on Prestmit

Airtime recharge is one of the breeziest things you can do, with the Prestmit mobile app. There’s no need to move about with cash, look for a physical store, just to buy airtime. With the Prestmit, loading your phone with airtime on any network, comes without stress and zero cost. Prestmit is renowned for trading gift cards for bitcoin or USDT, cedis, or naira. However, a lot of people don’t know Prestmit has more to offer its users asides from trading gift cards. Well, do you know Prestmit offers more than this? You are permitted to purchase data, pay your cable bills, pay for your DSTV subscription on Prestmit’s platform. Prestmit makes paying for bills such as internet subscription, electricity bills, TV subscription, etc, cheaper, faster, and simple. Amazing, right? You are probably thinking of how to to go about this. Anyway, this article will help put you on track.

How To Buy Data, Airtime and Pay Other Bills On Prestmit

Simply download Prestmit mobile app and create an account after agreeing to Prestmit Terms. Sign in if you already have an account. If you don’t, sign up and log in. Choose whatever service you want on the app and fill in necessary details. For instance, If you want to buy data, select the mobile network, data bundle plan, and type the mobile number you wish to put data on. It is that simple. You will have to pay with your naira online wallet or bitcoin. Just create a wallet address on your Prestmit dashboard.

Prestmit is Fast and Convenient

Prestmit is convenient, fast, and secure. It is not time and energy-consuming. You don’t have to go through physical stress to buy data, sell airtime and pay other bills. You can sell gift cards for Bitcoin, or USDT, on the platform. Moreover, The swiftness in the service offers users a level of assurance that they get to purchase basic things in their comfort zone with no hassle. There is no iota of doubt that Prestmit offers great services in a bid to make life easier for users of its platform.

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A safe Platform for Trading

Prestmit has modern security equipment to aid protect your account every time. These constitute Two Factor Authentication 2FA and also a centralized security architecture that protects every segment and layer within the platform.

24/7 Support

Enjoy round the clock support services. Our support team is always available to resolve any concern thereby making your trading experience great.


If you need help concerning anything, you can reach out to us:
• On WhatsApp at 07026290389. Response is instant
• Through mail at [email protected]

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