The MTN network has been with us since the ushering of mobile phones into the communication space of Nigeria. This has enabled its users to make calls, send text messages, and access the internet with the mobile network. But there are different ways to enjoy the optimum performance of MTN, and one of such is getting the Cheapest MTN call tariff plans.

People always explore ways to access a cost-effective service that would enable them to access more and spend less. This is not because you love cheap things but because it hinges on the fact that accessing various services at affordable costs helps in budget management. Therefore, this is evident in how MTN users seek to find the cheapest MTN call tariff plan that best suits their varying needs.

Cheapest MTN call tariff plans

In light of the foregoing, this article is to spotlight the various MTN call tariff plans that give you the cheapest and best rates to enjoy the different mobile network services.

Understanding MTN Call Tariff Plans

MTN call tariff plans are packages integrated into your phone number to give you service rates in calls. This package varies with the tariff plan you subscribe to – but what underscores all the packages is your ability to access all MTN services. In a better context, every MTN services are available to you, irrespective of your tariff plans.

When you purchase an MTN SIM card, it will already have a plan associated with it. However, you are free to choose a different plan based on your own preference. This process is known as “migration.”

You can migrate to any of your preferred MTN call tariff plans anytime. But there is a condition attached to this decision. Your first-month migration to another MTN tariff plan is free, but your subsequent migration(s) within the same month attracts a migration fee of N102. This is why it is important to painstakingly explore and infer the cheapest MTN call tariff plan that would best your needs or preference.

Moreover, your preferred tariff plan must align with saving money and accessing the best MTN services. For instance, if I’m on a particular tariff plan that charges me high anytime I make an international call in Nigeria to countries like the United States or the United Kingdom, I may need to check the available MTN call tariff plans to know the package that best suits international calls.

Broadly, it is safe to infer that there is a package for every range of MTN users. You just need to unlock that opportunity. That is why this article is for you.

Top Cheapest MTN Call Tariff Plans Available In 2024

Different MTN tariff plans are available for you in various forms and types. But you can start your MTN journey when you buy cheap airtime to enjoy the varying benefits of these plans.

1. MTN Pulse: Best MTN Tariff Plan With The Lowest Call Rates

MTN Pulse is considered one of the best MTN tariff plans to have because of its wide range of benefits. It offers a relatively low call rate that enables you to make about 13-minute calls when you recharge an airtime of N100. This package also has a night plan to enjoy your data while you also receive a data of 25MB for every recharge you make.

For the first 90 seconds of each day, calls made with MTN Pulse are charged at 24.30 Naira, while all other calls after that will be charged at 11.26 kobo per second to any network.

Migration: You can dial *123*2*2# or *406*1# or text “406” to 131 to migrate to MTN Pulse.

2. MTN TruTalk: Best Tariff Plan With 11.26k/sec Call Rate

MTN TruTalk provides a reduced rate of 12.26k/second for all local calls in Nigeria. However, in order to take advantage of this deal, users must pay a daily fee of N10. By purchasing N100 of MTN airtime, users can make an approximately 13-minute call.

Migration: You can dial *123*2*6# or *400# or text “TT” to 131 to migrate to MTN TruTalk.

3. MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid: Best Tariff Plan For International Calls

MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid is the most suitable option for making international calls without having to pay a daily access fee. You are charged 15k/sec for every call to networks in Nigeria and 18 other countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, China, Canada, India, and South Africa. Additionally, you will be rewarded a 50% data bonus for every N2,000 of airtime you purchase each month.

Migration: You can dial *123*2*4# or *408*1# or text “408” to 131 to migrate to MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid.

4. MTN AWUF4U: Best Tariff Plan With Free Airtime Bonus For Making Calls

MTN AWUF4U is the plan to get if you want to have cashback from making calls on MTN. You will get a 500% airtime bonus on every recharge from N100 and a 350% bonus on recharges between N1 and N99. When you buy an N100 airtime on this package, you can be sure to get about a 14-minute call time. In a broader sense, this plan enables you to double or triple your recharge amount.

Migration: You dial *888*PIN# or use the VTU services via the MoMo channel.

5. MTN BetaTalk: Best Tariff Plan With Airtime Bonus

MTN BetaTalk enables MTN users to get a cheap call tariff package. You can buy MTN airtime of N100 and above and get a 250% airtime bonus. You will get a 150% bonus for every recharge below N100. Every local call to any network in Nigeria is billed at 31.50k/sec. But you will be charged N42.38 for the first-minute call you make daily.

Migration: You can dial *123*2*1# or text “BT” to 131.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A MTN Call Tariff Plan

Cheapest MTN call tariff plans

As earlier stated, these MTN call tariff plans are designed to meet certain needs. Therefore here are some factors that should inform your decision on which of them should be your preferred plan.

1. Call Rates

Call rate is the primary factor you must consider before choosing a tariff plan. If you love to stay on long calls with your friends and family, you may want to consider the MTNAWUF4U plan. For business persons who always make international calls to clients, MTN XtraSpecial Prepaid would be your best option. So you must always put this factor into good consideration of the kind of calls you do make.

2. Benefits

MTN offers a range of call plans with various advantages. It is worth researching which one is best suited to your needs. For example, XtraSpecial Prepaid gives a 50% data bonus on any monthly top-up of over N2,000, offering almost limitless access to the internet.

3. Validity Period

It is important to note that most of the benefits attached to these tariff plans do expire. You must be certain of using the airtime or data bonuses before their validity period elapses. For instance, MTN Pulse enables its users to have a 25MB night plan to access the Internet. This is only valid between 12 am and 4:30 am – meaning that you will lose the bonus if you do not do it within that period.


MTN is the most widespread and popular mobile network in Nigeria, offering a variety of tariff plans to customers. Before selecting one, it’s important to consider the associated call rates and advantages to make the most out of the plan.