Zoranga is an online mobile money platform that allows you to make monetary transactions involving airtime, such as converting airtime to cash and putting it into your bank account without visiting a bank branch.

Founded in 2014 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Zoranga helps its users and businesses convert airtime to cash or accept airtime as a mode of payment for goods and services.

The platform converts airtime worth millions of Nigerian naira (NGN) to cash daily for both its individual and business customers to create a funnel whereby you can make money from your airtime fast and efficiently. This is made possible by the unique manner the platform was created with its innovative-designed APIs and outstanding online support that provide easy steps on how Nigerians can convert their airtime to cash.

Zoranga review

Zoranga is reputed as one of the best platforms to exchange airtime for cash in Nigeria because of its range of focus in using airtime to serve varying intended purposes: accepting airtime as payment, airtime conversion to currency, and airtime donations. This translates to the anchorage of Zoranga (as a mobile payment platform) on the trio of merchants, customers, and charities as its market outlook.

You can save money on Zoranga airtime by using a Swallet tool. However, all deposits are subject to a service charge of 22 to 32% for airtime to cash transactions. Your account type, frequency of promises, and transaction volume determine your fee.

Overview Of Zoranga’s Products And Services

Zoranga is designed to cater for the payment needs of individuals, businesses, and charities through the use of airtime as a means of payment. With its innovative strategy to make airtime conversion to cash seamlessly in Nigeria, the platform offers a micropayment structure for the trio of its products and services. These are:

  • Accept payment with airtime for individuals
  • Convert airtime to cash for customers
  • Accept donations with airtime for charities

Broadly, Zoranga’s products and services are a one-stop airtime conversion experience that harps personal use, business use, and charities for you to choose from.

Ways Zoranga Provides Service

1. How to convert airtime to cash: the platform enables you to exchange your MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9mobile airtime into cash. With Zoranga, you can turn your airtime pin or the one loaded on your phone into money.

2. How to power your business: the platform offers its users a means to pay you with airtime whether you’re building a subscription business, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce site, or a crowdfunding platform.

3. How to get faster payouts: it costs nothing to send money from your Zoranga account, and the process usually takes five minutes. There is no withdrawal cap, and withdrawals are permitted at any time of day.

Customer Experience With Zoranga

Notable as a payment platform that has been on Nigeria’s digital domain for some time, Zoranga would have possibly served millions of Nigerians, over the years, in varying capacities, and this would have left some impression about product and customer experience with the platform. Therefore, this is what some of Zoranga’s customers have to say about the company.

1. “Zoranga helped me when I mistakenly over-recharged from my bank.” – Nneoma

2. “These guys are dope!” – Lawal

3. “I fund my gidigada account through Zoranga” – Ushahemba

4. “Reliable customer service” – Essien

5. “Zoranga is the best way to accept payment” – Voguemansion

6. “Zoranga is real!” – Femi

7. “Speedy service” – Obinna

Pricing And Value For Money

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The price of using Zoranga is tailored to grow businesses that use the platform to activate products like subscription plans, crowdfunding, marketplace promotion, etc. As such, Zoranga’s pricing is considerably simple and transparent as its accountability precedes your wants.

Generally, the conversion fee for Nigerian transactions on Zoranga is between 17% – 30%, but the platform provides the following fee options for varying needs:

1. Deposit Fees

On every MTN deposit made to your account, a 23% fee is applied. Airtel charges 30%, GLO and 9Mobile airtime costs 40%. For bank transfers, there are no fees imposed by Zoranga.

2. Bank Transfer Fees

Processing withdrawals from your Zoranga account to any bank account is free of charge. You will receive a bank alert, usually after five minutes of withdrawal.

3. Business Setup

Before the Zoranga account is activated for merchant usage, businesses must pay a one-time refundable setup charge of NGN 5,000. Often, the fee is discussed on the premise of the size of the company before the integration of API.

4. Airtel And GLO Deposits

Zoranga also accepts pre-loaded airtime from Airtel and GLO, but you must contact the Zoranga service centre for further instructions.

Pros And Cons Of Zoranga

Every platform has its pros and cons of doing business which provides its users with an insight into what to expect. This is also similar to some features that could infer Zoranga with some pros and cons as a payment platform. So this begs the question of the pros and cons of Zoranga.

Pros Of Zoranga

  • API integration
  • Safe and fast cash payment
  • Convenient airtime payment
  • Cash advances
  • Free bank transfer

Cons Of Zoranga

  • No mobile app
  • Payment delay
  • Inadequate customer support


Zoranga still holds its spot as one of the best platforms to convert airtime to cash in Nigeria because of its API-driven integration and micropayments with airtime or recharge vouchers. But its new users need to know that Zoranga does not have a mobile app, as all transactions can be made on its website.