There are two primary reasons why people sell airtime online. The first is that they mistakenly recharged more than they intended. The second is that someone gifted them airtime on a network they don’t use. This could be you too. If the network is GLO, we’ll show you how to sell GLO airtime for cash on Prestmit.

Many Nigerians use GLO as a secondary network for calls and internet subscriptions. But, it is less used than the other three networks because it lacks coverage in certain areas. So, if you have GLO airtime that you received as a gift or mistakenly punched in extra zeros when recharging, you might want to cash your airtime. Besides, sometimes, you may just need quick cash.

Luckily, Prestmit is one of the platforms on which you can sell airtime, specifically GLO airtime, for cash. It’s an excellent platform because you can complete your transaction and have your money in your bank account in minutes. Even better, the exchange rate is affordable!


Understanding GLO Airtime

sell GLO airtime for cash

GLO is one of Nigeria’s four mobile networks available for calls, texts and data subscriptions. GLO airtime simply refers to a period of time a user receives to access voice calls, SMS and mobile data on the GLO network. Anyone can get airtime on GLO with cash but must have an activated SIM card to use the airtime.

How To Check Your GLO Airtime Balance

You must have a registered and activated GLO SIM card to check your GLO airtime balance.

To check your balance using USSD, dial #124# on your phone.

You’ll see the balance displayed on your phone screen.

How To Sell GLO Airtime for Cash on Prestmit.

You need to have an account to sell GLO airtime for cash on Prestmit. If you don’t already have an account, here’s how to create an account on Prestmit.

  • Go to Google Play Store or Apple Store and download the Prestmit app.
  • Open the app and tap Create account.
  • Fill in your details, and submit. You now have an account on

You can also sign up on the Prestmit website using your browser. After you’ve created your account, log in. Then proceed to sell your airtime.

Step-by-step Guide on How to Sell Your GLO Airtime on Prestmit.

  • Log in to your Prestmit account on your mobile phone.
  • On the home page, select Pay bills, buy & sell airtime.
  • Click on Buy and Sell Airtime from the new menu, then Sell Airtime. You must have completed your KYC to use this feature.
  • Select GLO as your network provider.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter the airtime amount you wish to sell. It must be between N50 and N5000 for GLO.
  • The amount you’ll receive in cash will be displayed. Tap Continue to proceed.

How to Input Your GLO Airtime Details

  • On the airtime details page, you’ll find instructions on how to transfer the airtime to Prestmit. You will be given a GLO phone number for the transfer.
  • Use the USSD code to make the transfer and take a screenshot of the transaction as proof.
  • Upload the photo and click Submit.


How to Receive Payment For Your GLO Airtime on Prestmit.

Once you’ve completed the request form to sell your GLO airtime to cash, you must enter your bank account details to receive payment. To set up your bank account, follow these steps.

  • Tap the Menu icon on the upper left corner of your screen.
  • Select Bank Account and enter your details and save it.
  • After you have transferred the airtime to the number given to you, wait for a few minutes to receive your payment in your account.



What is the lowest amount of GLO airtime I can sell for cash on Prestmit?

You can sell a minimum of N50 GLO airtime for cash and a maximum of N5000.

How much is the exchange rate for selling GLO airtime for cash on Prestmit?

The fee will be displayed as soon as you enter the amount of airtime you wish to sell.

How long does a GLO Airtime-to-Cash transaction take?

The transaction typically takes just a few minutes after Prestmit receives your airtime. You will receive your payment within minutes of confirmation.


GLO airtime can be useful in many ways, including voice calls, SMS, and mobile data. In addition, you can now exchange it for cash on Prestmit. So there’s no need to be stuck with airtime you don’t want or cannot use.

While there are other platforms on which you can sell your GLO airtime for cash, Prestmit offers one of the best services with secure and speedy transactions and fair exchange rates.

Download the Prestmit app today, create your account and never worry about cashing your airtime whenever needed.