People use many cryptocurrencies in the market for trading as one of the best ways to make money online. Tether (USDT) is one such crypto asset that has attracted the interest of crypto traders and investors. As such, you may want to know the best mobile wallets to store USDT.

USDT is a top stablecoin that has continuously attracted many people to the crypto market. This is owed to its spate of potential that borders on the significant value of the cryptocurrency.

At the time of my writing, USDT is the third-largest cryptocurrency, trading at $0.9994 with a market cap of $82.8 billion. Therefore, USDT is currently having positive market sentiment.

As a result, many crypto investors see USDT as an excellent crypto asset to have. But they must have a wallet to be able to store this stablecoin. The primary essence of USDT wallets is to store the coin safely. So, this USDT wallet can be likened to a bank account in which you save money.

As there are mobile and web wallets that traders can use to store their store USDT, this article aims to explore the best mobile wallets to store USDT immediately.


  1. MetaMaskBest mobile wallets to store USDT

MetaMask is the best platform for USDT investors and short-term traders. Despite the lower security offered by hot wallets, MetaMask is regarded as one of the safest options available.

This platform provides a wallet where private keys are encrypted when displayed to the user. This ensures that only the user can access the wallet credentials.

Users can protect their MetaMask wallet with a PIN or password relative to the preferred device type. In addition to browser extensions, MetaMask supports iOS and Android apps – with a free wallet download.

Users will see their ERC20 deposit address once MetaMask is configured. MetaMask supports USDT, Ethereum, and other ERC20 tokens like Shiba Inu.

A tool for exchanging USDT tokens is built into MetaMask as part of its features. Users must pay the 0.875% fee that MetaMask charges for this service. Although it does not support USDT, MetaMask also has an internal staking tool and supports NFTs based on the ERC20 network standard.

  1. eToroBest mobile wallets to store USDT

eToro wallet is an ideal USDT wallet for short and long-term investors. It is a free mobile app for iOS and Android users to download and use. Beginner crypto traders can easily use this wallet, making it one of the best wallets to store USDT.

It is safe to use the eToro wallet as you can keep most of your USDT in cold storage to prevent possible crypto theft. The platform also provides two-factor authentication (2FA), necessary for every user’s wallet account login.

Moreover, the eToro wallet app has a GFSC license, including FCA, FINRA, ASIC, and CySEC licenses. As such, users can be sure of the security of their USDT tokens.

Aside from USDT, eToro supports over 90 cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and Aave.

Trading fees on eToro are fixed at 1%. While no charges are associated with storing cryptocurrencies in the eToro wallet, fees are associated with sending funds from the wallet.

  1. Trust WalletBest mobile wallets to store USDT

Trust Wallet is a popular non-custodial wallet available as an iOS and Android mobile app. But it also has a Chrome browser extension for desktop users.

These options give users complete control over their USDT trading because Trust Wallet gives its users access to their 12-word backup passphrase.

Trust Wallet provides a decentralised way to store USDT because only users can access their login credentials. Although fingerprint ID is also supported, the wallet is secured by the user’s selected PIN.

It is noteworthy that Trust Wallet is best suited for advanced investors because security features are few.

This wallet provides a viable way to make money as it connects to decentralized apps (dApps) even though its built-in staking tool does not support the Ethereum network.

This makes it possible for investors to profit from yields from top popular decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Uniswap, SushiSwap, and Aave.

Additionally, Trust Wallet has a built-in token-swapping tool. As a result, it is no longer necessary to exchange USDT for other cryptocurrencies using a DEX. Trust Wallet supports countless other cryptocurrencies and NFTs in addition to Tether.

  1. Coinbase WalletBest mobile wallets to store USDT

This is a decentralised mobile app that is available on Android and iOS. Coinbase wallet is not linked to the primary Coinbase exchange.

Here, users maintain full control over their private keys and USDT, and there is a 12-word passphrase for the private keys in the Coinbase Wallet.

The keys are encrypted on the user’s smartphone to ensure that only the wallet owner has access.

Aside from USDT, the Coinbase Wallet supports thousands of other cryptocurrencies.

It is free to receive or store USDT in the Coinbase Wallet, and USDT holders can also earn a yield on their dormant tokens with the wallet.

Coinbase Wallet is best for beginner traders who are looking for a user-friendly platform to have a wallet to store USDT.

  1. OKX WalletBest mobile wallets to store USDT

OKX provides a USDT wallet that enables its users to earn high interest rates on idle USDT tokens. This is owed to OKX, which serves as a bridge aggregator that supports over 200 DEXs.

OKX users can see the best APYs in the market anytime they click on USDT on the platform. Users can employ OKX Wallet to earn income by adding USDT to a liquidity pool. OKX Wallet also offers USDT savings accounts, enabling users to withdraw their tokens of their volition.

Meanwhile, USDT investors and traders can create a USDT wallet on Prestmit to receive and send their USDT tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Mobile Wallets Safe To Store USDT?

Mobile wallets are hot crypto wallets based on storing USDT on online platforms. It usually requires login credentials that guarantee access to your wallet on the platform. This may be a biometric PIN or other passphrases. It is to ensure the safety of your USDT token from possible theft.

But in the event of compromising your mobile wallet, this will become unsafe as you may lose your token.

What Is The Best Wallet To Store USDT?

There is no particular wallet that is deemed the best to store USDT. This is because each of these wallets has peculiarities that underscore their function as wallets to store USDT tokens.

For instance, while OKX Wallet is considered one of the best wallets for high USDT yields, MetaMask is a popular hot wallet app with a large user base.

Which USDT Mobile Wallet Is Free?

Coinbase Wallet is free to use in sending and receiving USDT. That is why it is the most preferred wallet to store USDT for beginners. There are other free wallets to store USDT but Coinbase Wallet is one of the top wallets in this regard.

Which USDT Mobile Wallet Is Available On PC?

Trust Wallet is available in mobile apps and as chrome extension in PCs. Therefore, it offers an ample opportunity for USDT traders or investors to store USDT.

Which USDT Mobile Wallet Supports Tron Network And TRC20?

In our list here, Trust Wallet supports Tron and its TRC20 tokens. Also, Exodus has a mobile and desktop wallet that supports these tokens. So USDT traders can choose from their preferred wallets.


USDT traders and investors are increasing due to its resilience and stability in the crypto market. But many of these users are adopting mobile wallets due to the accessibility and flexibility in using this type of wallet.

However, it iessentialnt to know the best wallet to store your USDT, which should border on the features of the respective wallets.