Have you taken the time to really dig deep to find out all there is to know about USDT? If you have, you’ll know there are layers to the token, and if you have Tether tokens, you might want to read up on the best USDT wallets available.

Tether (USDT) has the heart of every crypto trader because it is that token that retains its price when the market crashes and prices plummet. The stablecoin is pegged to the American dollar and is thus immune to the volatility of other coins. This makes it a good choice for instant trading.

This article explores the best USDT wallets available and guides you on how to choose the best one.

What is a Tether (USDT) Wallet?

A Tether (USDT) wallet is simply a digital purse of sorts (software) that stores the data you need to access your Tether funds.

Every wallet has a public key, which is like an account number, and a private key, similar to a password. The keys are made up of a string of letters and numbers that correspond to your encrypted wallet software. Tether wallets allow USDT holders to store their tokens and provide access to exchanges where they can trade if they choose to.

There are many wallets that support the Tether token with similar and distinguishing features. So how do you know the best USDT wallet for you? Consider the factors below.

Tether USDT

How to Choose the Best USDT Wallet

Any of the wallets in this article will be great for you. However, you might have a specific need that only one or two from the list can meet. Another important thing is that some wallets support a number of currencies or even exchanges to allow you to swap Tether directly from your wallet. So these are the factors to consider before choosing one.

1. Ease of Use

Everyone appreciates apps and software that are easy to use. You probably do too. So you must check that the wallet you choose is simple enough for you to navigate and use, whether you’re connecting it to an exchange or locking up your crypto for a while. Look out for wallets with simple user interface.

2. Blockchain Compatibility

Tether issued its USDT token first on Bitcoin’s Omni Layer blockchain giving rise to the USDT-Omni. After a while, they issued Tether on other blockchains like Ethereum and TRON. It is important to note the different types of Tether tokens. There are other blockchains that are not commonly used, but if you use them, choose a compatible wallet for your USDT that supports the different blockchains. If you send a specific Tether token to a wallet that does not support it, your coins will be lost. So, it’s crucial that you take note of this.

3. Security

Security is the second most important factor that should influence your choice of a wallet. Since USDT is a stablecoin, you cannot afford to lose it to a hacker due to carelessness. Most of the best USDT wallets come with 2FA, so that’s a necessity for anyone you choose. If possible, find wallets that have an extra security layer like a biometric login (face ID and fingerprint).

4. Customer support

Considering that there are different Tether tokens, it’s best to choose a wallet that has exceptional customer service to tackle any issues that may arise. Good customer support should take a multi-channel or omnichannel approach. So, take note of these things.

With these factors in mind, take a look at the top USDT wallets below.

7 Best USDT Wallets in 2024

Here are some of the top USDT wallets that you can choose from to store your Tether tokens. They are listed below in no particular order.

1. Crypto.com Wallet

A mobile wallet designed to solve many of the problems you’ll find in other solutions, Crypto.com wallet is easily in the top-tier range. Aside from USDT, you can use this wallet to store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple. You can also trade these cryptos in its in-app exchange or buy crypto with EURO and Pounds fiat currencies. These are just a few of the uses of the crypto wallet. It’s quite versatile; little wonder it occupies the no 1 spot on our list.

2. Tether Wallet

The issuing company of the Tether token designed this mobile wallet to store USDT specifically. It is a straightforward solution for beginners that has a number of security features, including 2-step authentication, and users can swap Tether for other crypto assets.

3. MyEther Wallet (MEW)

MyEther Wallet is an open-source solution you can use to store Tether (ERC20) and Ether. It offers support for hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor. The desktop version of this wallet is relatively secure as the funds are stored in the user’s device rather than on a remote server. The code is open-source, allowing users to audit it freely.

4. Omni Wallet

This is a non-custodial web wallet used to store Tether on the Omni protocol. It is hosted on the Omni blockchain, one of the blockchains established to support USDT. With Omni wallet, users control their own keys, and this appeals to crypto die-hards, but it means that users seeking custodial support cannot use it.

5. Coinomi

This is a multi-currency wallet that supports all types of USDT. Its main strength lies in its wide selection of currencies, with over 1,000 supported cryptos as well as the option to host on a desktop computer or mobile phone. The Coinomi wallet currently supports two main types of Tether -the Omni USDT and ERC20 but promises to support the TRON and other versions in future. Security on the Coinomi wallet consists of password protection and backup for your seed phrase.

6. Binance Wallet

This wallet is provided by the most popular and widely-used exchange in the crypto industry, the Binance crypto exchange. The Binance wallet supports all kinds of Tether, including TRC20, ERC20, and BEP20, as well as the many other cryptocurrencies the exchange supports. It offers security features such as 2FA. There’s also the option of logging in by scanning a QR code.

7. Ledger Nano X

This is a wholesome wallet that supports over 1,000 cryptos, including Tether (USDT). Ledger Nano X is a hardware wallet that offers excellent security by keeping crypto in “cold storage,” meaning the funds are kept offline when not in use. Hardware wallets are considered the most secure wallets. Ledger uses a PIN code and has a chip with tight security. It supports both TRC20 and ERC20 USDT.

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Frequently Asked Questions About USDT Wallets

What is the safest USDT wallet?

A: The safest USDT wallet will be a hardware cold storage wallet. From our list, it’s the Ledger Nano X. It’s the safest because, apart from security features, it is not connected to the internet, meaning that no one can access your

What is the best wallet to receive TRC20?

A: The best USDT wallet for TRC20 is the Binance wallet. It supports all the different Tether USDT tokens. Another wallet that supports TRON USDT is Trust Wallet.

Does USDT have a wallet?

A: Yes, USDT has a dedicated wallet designed by the issuing company -Tether Wallet. There are also other wallets for specific blockchains, like the Omni wallet for Bitcoin’s Omni Layer Protocol.


Tether USDT is a stablecoin whose value is the same as the US dollar’s. Tether is the issuing company, and there are different types of USDT on different networks. These tokens are stored in a wallet, and you should note that certain wallets will only support one type of Tether.

To choose the best USDT wallet, you’ve to do research on the different types of Tether wallets.  The features & limitations that come with each one are factors to look out for.