Cryptocurrency is booming; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, as well as USDT are becoming more popular not just among crypto traders and investors, but also many people around the globe.

One of the best cryptocurrencies today is Tether (USDT). According to CoinMarketCap, Tether ranks 3rd in terms of market cap, which is currently valued at $62,631,619,572 with the current price at $1.00.

Although Tether has become one of the well-known cryptos since 2020, it has never been without a few controversies as the first few cryptos that pegged its value directly to a fiat currency.

What is Tether (USDT)?

Tether is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is backed by the U.S dollar. USDT is the trading symbol for Tether tokens.

It is the most popular form of altcoins called ”Stablecoins” due to the fact that its value is pegged to the U.S dollar. In simple terms, a U.S Tether token is $1 all time.



Any Risk About USDT?

Since the first Tether (USDT) token was distributed in 2015, it has become one of the first successful stable coins. However, its success has not been without scepticism and controversy.

One of the controversies was that it seemed Tether was being artificially pumped into the cryptocurrency market to create liquidity. The USD-backing is never without controversy too as an audit of its dollar reserves that was supposed to happen in 2017 never did.

Despite these and few other questions raised, Tether has maintained its position at the top. New Tether tokens are minted as demand continues to increase.

Is It Safe To Invest In USDT?

Cryptocurrencies are known to be highly volatile which can make you lose money in a matter of seconds as prices keep on fluctuating. Tether (USDT) is an exception as it can stand strong against price fluctuations.

This stablecoin is also very helpful for transactions that often face difficulty when exchanging money into USD. It is easy to convert and deposit funds, unlike other cryptos. When you make transactions with USDT, you also get to avoid heavy transaction fees.

USDT is considered a stable and safe crypto to buy. You can buy and hold cash or any other foreign currency with it.

A Tether can also be used to keep your cryptocurrency shielded in times of high volatility. For example, if you have Ethereum but the market goes into sudden volatility, you can swap your Etheruem for Tether to protect it temporarily and store its value.

For all these reasons stated above, it is quite safe and the best decision to make when you invest in USDT.

Where To Buy USDT?

You can buy Tether tokens on many major crypto exchanges and lending platforms. Most will pay anywhere from 6% to 12% in interest just for storing Tether on their platforms.

Prestmit is, however, one of the best platforms to buy USDT and earn high interest rates.

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