Everyone who has ever thought of investing in cryptocurrency has considered buying Bitcoin. It’s no surprise because it’s the pioneer cryptocurrency with the greatest valuation regardless of market dynamics per time. Among the required items in a Bitcoin investment starter pack is a Bitcoin wallet. Without it, there’s no holding account into which you can receive your Bitcoin or transfer it to other holders. Think of it as a purse for holding money. The market is saturated with several options, but our focus today is on the best Bitcoin wallets for Android users.

Now, if you use your mobile device for your transactions, it’s imperative you use a wallet that is compatible with your device. There are Bitcoin wallets for iPhone and Android users. In this article, we’re zooming in on the top 10 best Bitcoin wallets for Android in 2023

1. Coinomi

Coinomi is one of the oldest wallets on the block. It was founded in 2014 and claims to have never been hacked. It’s a multichain wallet supporting Ethereum, Bitcoin, and 1770 other cryptocurrencies.

Coinomi is a hot wallet with top-tier security, web3 support, and built-in exchanges. The features listed on the website paint it as one of the absolute best wallets. This wallet is DeFi-friendly, provides privacy for users, and supports several different languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, and Russian, among others.

On Coinomi, you can buy Bitcoin with your debit cards. It’s also free to use and provides 24/7 live customer support.

You can download Coinomi on Android, Windows, and Linux browsers.

2. Coinbase

Coinbase is a popular name in the cryptocurrency space. The Coinbase Bitcoin wallet is a self-controlled hot wallet designed for easy use with a connection to the platform’s exchange. You can use it without signing up for a Coinbase account.

There are many appealing features that make this wallet a top choice for storing your Bitcoin on Android. Some `1of them include web3 support, DApp support, and support for hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

This wallet is free to use, but transaction fees apply when sending or trading Bitcoin and other crypto. Download the Android Coinbase Bitcoin wallet and enjoy access to its tool suite.

3. Electrum

One of the popular dedicated Bitcoin wallets is Electrum. It’s a hot wallet perfect for beginners.

Electrum is user-friendly and can be set up in minutes. It has a rating of 3.8 on Google Play Store. One of its most striking features is compatibility with major hardware wallets. You can recover the wallet using a seed phrase if you lose your keys.

Although it appears to be the perfect wallet for anyone who wants to focus on Bitcoin only, it has a few cons. Investopedia says the wallet lacks customer support; however, help articles are available if you need assistance.

Electrum is free to use and available for download on Android and has a rating of

4. Zengo

Zengo Bitcoin wallet

Zengo is another Bitcoin wallet you can use on your Android device. It’s one of the most secure wallets available. It is the first wallet to adopt the MPC security model.

The Multi-Party Computation model eliminates the need for seed phrases, which are easy to lose. With MPC, you and the Zengo servers have something called secret shares. The server does not know your part of the “pass key” and vice versa. However, it is designed in such a way that the two “pass keys” combine to produce a key that gives you access to your wallet. It’s pretty simple. There’s also a 3-factor authentication security system in place.

With a rating of 4.4 on the Google Play Store, Zengo stands out as an all-encompassing wallet. It features multichain support, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Polygon. It also has excellent Customer Support and is free to use.

You can buy, trade, receive, and send Bitcoin with Zengo on your mobile device. Download the Zengo wallet on Play Store to get started.

5. Edge

Edge Bitcoin wallet for Android

Edge Wallet is a simple wallet for both beginners and veterans. It lets users securely send, receive, hold, and trade Bitcoin and other crypto.

Its features include multi-currency and multichain support, excellent customer service, recovery without seed phrases, and an intuitive user interface. Security is also strong as the wallet uses one-touch, 2-factor authentication to ensure you alone authorise all requests or conduct transactions.

You can use the Edge wallet for free and download on Play Store for your Android devices. It has a rating of 4.1, which denotes its excellence and suitability.

6. Trust Wallet

Trust wallet is another crypto wallet with Bitcoin support that you can use on your Android device. Besides Bitcoin, it supports up to 9 million other digital assets, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Some of them are Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin, etc..

This wallet, by Binance, is decentralised and may not be appealing to beginners who are still learning the ropes in crypto. However, it’s a very user-friendly wallet with a simplified user interface. One downside is the lack of good customer support.

You can use Trust Wallet as a Web3 browser to access dApps and explore the DeFi ecosystem. You can download the Android version of this Bitcoin wallet on Play Store.

7. eToro

eToro Bitcoin wallet

Rated as the overall best Bitcoin wallet for Android on Techpedia, eToro is on the list of top recommended wallets.

Etoro doubles as a mobile wallet and a trading platform that allows you to buy, receive, transfer, and hold Bitcoin. You can use a credit card to buy Bitcoin.

The wallet supports over 120 cryptocurrencies. It has a robust security system to protect your assets. You can rest in the knowledge that it’s a thriving trading platform with already existing security systems.

Other noteworthy features of the eToro mobile Bitcoin wallet are its private key recovery service and on-chain address.

You can download the eToro wallet on Play Store for your Android device and get started with it.

8. Mycelium

Mycelium is a pretty old Android Bitcoin wallet that was founded in 2008. It has a record of Best Mobile app in 2014, an award it received from Blockchain.com.

For those who like to tweak source codes, Mycelium is an open-source wallet, which means that users with technical expertise and experience can play around with it to enhance or debug the wallet.

Mycelium is a straightforward wallet that anyone can use. It sports a simple design and seamless user interface. Key features include zero connection to the user’s funds (self-custody) and robust security with a history of zero hacks.

The wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, FIO, and ERC-20 tokens. It’s completely free to use but on mobile only. There’s no web or browser support.

You can download Mycelium on Play Store.

9. Exodus

Exodus Wallet for Android is a hot wallet that supports the buying, trading, and storing of Bitcoin among over 260 cryptocurrencies.

The key features of this wallet are great aesthetics and simplicity, compatibility with hardware wallets like Ledger and Trezor, and 24/7 customer support. One drawback of the Exodus wallet is that it lacks 2FA, and some might consider this a chink in their armour.

Exodus is free to use, but network fees apply when you send Bitcoin.

In general, the wallet is excellent for both beginners and veterans. You can download Exodus Wallet on Play Store.

10. Bitcoin.com Wallet

Bitcoin.com wallet is claimed to be the oldest Bitcoin wallet for Android. Nobody can debunk nor confirm the claim. However, there might be some credence to it since it has over 1 million downloads on Google Play Store.

The wallet has a simple interface with very minimal features. The biggest drawback of this wallet is its sparsely designed security. The wallet doesn’t require a seed phrase or PIN. You get to use it immediately when you install it on your Android device, protecting it with a passcode or biometric lock.

Other features include access to DApps and DEXs, ERC-20 token support, an address book to manage and easily access your frequently used crypto addresses, and market data displayed in real time.

Bitcoin.com wallet is available for download on the Play Store.

FAQs About Bitcoin Wallets For Android

What is the best Bitcoin wallet for Android?

A: Several wallets claim to be the best for Android. However, the best Bitcoin wallet for Android has impeccable and impenetrable security, user-friendly interface, and multi-currency support. Zengo meets these criteria. It’s an excellent Android Bitcoin wallet for you.

Is there a free Bitcoin wallet

A: Yes, there are free Bitcoin wallets. Most Bitcoin wallets made for mobile devices are free to use. However, network and transaction fees apply when using them to conduct trades, send, or trade Bitcoin.


Bitcoin remains the most valuable cryptocurrency in the market, and every day, new investors are looking for ways to make money online on-ramp the crypto space. The challenge, however, is finding suitable crypto wallets that make the transition smooth. If you use an Android device, this article has highlighted the best Bitcoin wallets for Android in 2023.

From Coinbase and Coinomi to Edge and Exodus, there are a myriad of options to choose from. Each wallet has features that appeal to the different needs of Bitcoin holders. Generally, most of these wallets have similar features. Your choice should be based on your peculiar needs and preferences.

When choosing a wallet, place security at the top of your priority list, especially as a beginner. It’ll save you the heartache of any loss that may occur.