Bitcoin can be used to buy or sell anything without any third party, or in straight terms, anonymously. In addition, international payments are easier, way cheaper and no additional fee is charged as Bitcoin ain’t tied to any government/country, hence it is decentralized. An interesting part of this is that there is no credit card fee incurred. Most of them, due to the hype and to get richer buy Bitcoins and start trading, hoping that it would go up in value.

In recent times, Bitcoin and other cryptos are booming with an acceptance by businesses as a payment method. This has, in turn, enabled the popularity of Bitcoin as investors explore innovative ways of diversifying their portfolios.

In the real sense of market value, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been viewed as assets rather than actual currencies. These days, investing in Bitcoin has become too mainstream, even as big changes and investments are coming along our way in this crypto journey. When Bitcoin was invented, the thought was that one-day people could use it as an actual currency to be used daily.

Regardless of being an investor or consumer, a prompt decision on the best-fit digital exchange is the first step to entering the crypto revolution. A particular transaction amount is charged by most digital exchanges on buying Bitcoins or other cryptos via fiat directly from your bank account.

Buying Bitcoin With Credit Card

There is a pool of exchanges out there in the market that enable buying Bitcoins with a credit card, although it is not as easy as just adding your card details to the website or application. This involves a risk of compromise in which details of your credit card might be stolen. Hence, it is important to do your research before operating on any platform or exchange.

Furthermore, a virtual wallet needs to be created on these exchanges, which will be in the form of your Bitcoin address to where your procured Bitcoins will be sent to.

Buying Bitcoin With Credit Card On Remitano

The Simplex feature on the Remitano platform enables a smooth process for the same. Once the basic exchange verification steps are completed, the following are the steps in buying Bitcoin with a credit card:

1. On the P2P exchange, click the “buy” button next to BTC and look for the Simplex seller payment mode amongst the different buying ads.

2. Type in how much Bitcoin you want to buy, confirm it again and click the “Buy now” tab.

3. Confirm the payment info again and click “Buy now” which will redirect you to the Simplex website.

4. Fill in your necessary payment details and fill in the payment form correctly. Click on the “Pay now” tab.

5. You will be directed to verify your e-mail address and mobile number.

6. Upload your document of identity and fill in the information required.

7. Complete the authorization check and your payment request will be initiated.