Gift Cards

How To Activate Gift Card

Activation is necessary for Plastic gift cards that are generally bought online. Gift card activation
is considered pertinent to keep your card secure and safe. Cardholder information is used for
identification and security purposes only. After your card is activated, no one will have access to
the gift card other than the recipient. Check out how to activate your gift cards quickly.

Why Do Some Gift Cards Need Activation?

Have you ever gotten a new credit card in the mail? If you have, you must have seen a sticker
found on the face of the card. This sticker contributes guidance on the way to activate your
credit card. Same with credit cards, plastic gift cards which are not bought in a retail shop
always need activation.

How Are Gift Cards Activated?

Checkout the activation guidelines. These can always be seen on a sticker attached to the face
of a card. If the sticker has been discarded, guidance is also uncovered on the back of the card.
Locate the card numbers. Activation needs the 16-digit gift card digit (discovered on the face of
the card) and the Card Verification Number (CVN) (located at the right of the signature box
which is on the back of the card).

Activate your card online or by an automatic phone operation. At the back of the card you will
find a website and 800 number given. Select either alternative to activate. Both need the 16-digit
gift card digit and CVN.

Do I Need To Activate My Gift Card?

Even though this may seem like a chore, activating your card aids against false transactions.
Firms can ascertain the account digit linked to the card to discern if or not the card was bought
or stolen.

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