How To Fund Betting Wallet On Prestmit

The safest and most private way to bet on sports today is said to be via betting wallets. Betting wallets are digital accounts allowing you to save, send, and receive money online. Since they initially arrived, their quality has dramatically improved, and thanks to excellent security features and numerous payment alternatives, they are now widely utilised. Mobile apps enable funding and management of your sportsbook online and even when you’re on the move.

Betting wallets are the new norm of innovation that has fostered the trust and confidence of gaming enthusiasts to leverage the technology at their safety and will. The betting wallet has toppled traditional betting means, enabling gamers to bet via digital platforms at their comfort.

Betting wallet for online gaming

Sports betting is a significant reward-based industry in every country where it is permitted. Because some nations rigorously prohibit and outlaw all forms of gambling, the industry’s potential has not fully emerged.

In addition to enjoying their favorite sport, sports betting gives participants the option to win money for making accurate predictions about the outcome of a match. Think about winning a wager on your team winning the game even though they do. That is a significant amount of joy, and people continue to be fascinated with the gaming sensation.

The betting industry has expanded to become a multi-billion dollar sector since NairaBet, an indigenously owned company, introduced sports betting in Nigeria. With their explosive betting agents strategy when it first began in 2012, Bet9ja significantly altered the game’s look. Today, this economy sector enjoys millions of customers, which has undoubtedly risen.

But since then, sports betting has advanced significantly. Betting businesses hopped on the bandwagon of digital wallets, which clients can fund and utilise the money there to place bets at any time, thanks to advances in payments and technology. Naturally, this makes placing bets simple and encourages more betting.

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Best Platform To Fund Your Betting Wallet – Prestmit

Prestmit is the best platform to fund betting wallet

Prestmit is a registered enterprise with operations in Nigeria and Ghana. The company provide an over-the-counter (OTC) platform to sell your digital assets like cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and USDT), different gift cards, and NFTs. Prestmit holds the reputation of one of the best Bitcoin and gift card trading platforms in Africa with the fantastic rates it provides on exchange.

Moreover, you can sell your airtime on the platform with an instant payment with zero hassle. Meanwhile, as the interest in betting grows in Africa, especially in Nigeria and Ghana, new and existing Prestmit users can create a betting wallet, which serves as the payment gateway to various betting companies. You can find your betting wallet on Prestmit at your convenience with prompt customer support put in place to assist its users.

Why Should You Use Betting Wallet On Prestmit?

1. Privacy

Prestmit provides fund storage and payment options independent of banks. You can choose not to provide your bank or credit card details when registering an account (you will need an email and your legal name for this). After that, you can pay online or receive money using your account.

Prestmit accepts gift cards as an option, so you may maintain your privacy and spending habits even if you eventually need to enter your bank account or credit card to validate the account. Since there are no bank statements, only you can see your spending and balance.

2. Easy To Use

The fact that transfers happen virtually instantly is one of the most significant advantages of the Prestmit wallet. On the platform as a betting wallet, transfers between two accounts typically occur relatively quickly. There are some circumstances where the transfer does not realise for up to 24 hours, but such is exceptional and infrequent.

Your bank account and payment card information is not shared with the bookmaker. In a successful betting, the betting company can transfer the money to you with your account number.

Deposit amounts are frequently significantly more significant than when paying in more conventional ways. Additionally, you can deposit using a dedicated mobile app, which is quick and straightforward.

3. Tidy Transactions

Your transactions are centralised, comprehensive, and easily accessible via the Prestmit wallet. You can use your account to pay anyone if they designate that specific digital wallet as an acceptable payment option. There is no need for backtracking or invoices because all the fees, transfer dates, and amounts are in one location.

How To Fund Betting Wallet On Prestmit

1. Create a Prestmit account and log in.

2. Top up your Prestmit wallet using your personalised virtual bank account.

3. Navigate to “Betting” and select your appropriate betting company from the available options.

4. Enter the amount you want to fund in your wallet and your ID. Your customer ID is always available on your betting account profile.

5. Click on ” Submit” to process your request. Your betting wallet will receive funds immediately.

How Do Crypto Wallets Work On Sports Betting?

Crypto wallet for funding betting wallet


1. Decentralised P2P Platform

Cryptocurrencies run on a free, decentralised peer-to-peer network with little overhead and no involvement from banks or a centralised authority. They also provide several advantages over more conventional forms of online wagering, have transformed the industry, and are more well-liked than ever.

For speedier deposits and withdrawals, minimal or no transaction costs, a high level of secrecy, and global accessibility use a cryptocurrency wallet for sports betting.

2. Find A Crypto Wallet

The initial step for players is to purchase cryptocurrency at a site that allows them to exchange their cash for cryptocurrency and vice versa. Users can keep their digital currency in software known as a crypto wallet. These wallets are useful for storing and trading coins, and there are numerous varieties to pick from based on the player’s preferences for privacy, security, and other features.

3. Crypto Wallets Enable Faster Trading Processes

Most cryptocurrency exchanges offer their wallet to speed up and simplify the trading process. Most cryptocurrency wallets are free to use, with transaction fees based on the time of day and the volume of data used.

Depending on the user-set priority level and transaction speed, this network fee can range from $0.03 to $6. Customers should always choose a cryptocurrency wallet with benefits and drawbacks that work in their favour.


Online betting is one of the buzzwords tickling people’s interest in making money for themselves. However, it is essential to stay woke to use a credible platform like Prestmit to place your bet while you win big.

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