gift card for men'sWhat do men like? I know that sounds like the name of a romantic comedy but trust me, it’s a question a lot of women ask themselves when thinking of what birthday gifts to get for the men in their lives. If they asked me I would tell them to buy some gift cards for those men’s birthdays. Read on to see why.

Buying gifts for men can be stressful because even men are not really sure of what kind of gifts they want. However, one thing men know is the brands they like. E.g, if a guy is a Nike sneakers fan, it will be evident from the kind of shoes he wears. This is one way to figure out what to get for him but the thing is, even if you know the brand you aren’t sure of which one he will like. E.g say you want to get a pair of sneakers for the Nike lover, you need to be sure which one he is presently drooling over. Get him the wrong one and watch your gift tossed aside forever. But hey, there is light in the middle of the tunnel. That light is gift cards.

With gift cards, the male cardholder can choose what he wants by himself. For example, back to the Nike lover; imagine you give such a man a Nike gift card. You would make his day cause he will buy the exact sneakers he has been drooling over. 

Gift cards are more effective gift options for men’s birthdays and in this article, we aim to prove it. But first of all, what are gift cards?

What Are Gift Cards?

They are used to make payments in issuer’s stores. the prepaid cards are always loaded with a specific amount of money and once the money is exhausted the gift card won’t be useable again. They come in the following forms: Physical gift cards, eGift cards, Open-loop and Closed-loop gift cards.

  • Physical Gift Cards

Physical gift cards are the types of gift cards you buy from over the counter in a store or can be delivered to you at home. They are usually plastic in nature and come with a gift card number and pin written on them.

  • eGift Cards

eGift cards, electronic gift cards, virtual gift cards or digital gift cards all mean the same thing. An electronic gift card is basically a gift card that exists in a digital form.

  • Open-Loop Gift Cards

Open-loop gift cards are the type of gift card that can be used in any store where the issuers debit/credit cards are accepted. E.g Visa gift cards and American Express gift cards.

  • Closed-Loop Gift Cards

Closed-loop gift cards are the opposite of open-loop gift cards as they are only usable in the issuer’s stores or affiliate stores. E.g footlocker and Amazon gift cards.

Why Gift Cards Are Better Men’s Birthday Gifts for Men than Regular Gifts

Giving Men gift cards over regular gifts on their birthday has its own unique advantages. Here are a few of those advantages:

  • It Eases the Givers Stress

With gift cards the gift giver no longer has to stress about gifts to get, they can sit down in the comfort of their houses and buy and send an eGift card to the birthday boy.

  • Puts The Purchase Power in The Man’s Hands

This is a major uniqueness that gift cards have over regular gifts. The “what ifs” make giving a physical gift risky, like “what if he doesn’t like it?” or “what if it’s not his size?” To avoid the “what ifs” you should lean towards the gift card route and you will never go wrong.

  • eGift cards enable quick delivery/safety 

When you send an eGift card it only takes a few minutes to deliver in the recipient’s email. Unlike regular gifts that need to be delivered physically. This will come in handy on those days you forget about his birthday throughout the day but remembered at the last minute.

  • It Creates a Lasting Memory

When the cardholder buys whatever he really wants with the gift card it will leave a lasting memory in his subconscious.  

What are Gift Cards Used For?

They are used for the following:

  • Gift Cards are Used as Gifts 

Gift cards are basically gifts. They were primarily made to help gift-givers be more precise with the type of gifts they give.

  • It is a Form of Payment 

Forgot your debit card at home and you need to make payment and you have no cash? If you have a gift card that is accepted in the merchant’s store then you can use it as a means of payment.

  • They can be Sold For Cash or Cryptocurrency

Gift cards can be sold for cash or crypto in a situation where the card owner doesn’t want to use them again. But the thing is, you can’t sell them back to the original sellers as they are not refundable once purchased. Where you can sell them is on gift card trading platforms like or the Prestmit app. On the platform, you can sell them for Naira, Cedis, bitcoin, USDT and a few more cryptocurrencies.

  • They are Also a Good means of Storing Money

When you want to store up money in smaller quantities but do not want to store this in a bank because it is for the near future, you can change the cash to gift cards and keep them till you need it. 

Now that we know what gift cards are and what they can be used for, what are the best gift cards for men’s birthdays?

Best Gift Cards for Men on their Birthday

Thinking of what gift cards get the men in your life? Here are a few brands of gift cards that will satisfy them depending on their preference:

  1. Amazon 
  2. Footlocker 
  3. Nike
  4. Levi’s
  5. Visa gift cards
  6. American Express gift cards
  7. Mastercard gift cards
  8. GameStop
  9. BestBuy
  10. J.Crew
  11. Nordstrom 
  12. Lowe’s
  13. Airbnb
  14. Birchbox Grooming
  15. Lululemon

So there you have it, the best brands of gift cards for men on their birthdays. Now you don’t have to be stuck trying to answer the hard to answer the question “what do men like?” You have 15 gift cards to pick from to help you say happy birthday to them. So get on board and surprise them with a gift card or two.