Complete Guide To Own A Free Land In The Metaverse

As the Metaverse has grown in popularity, so has the price of virtual real estate, which has seen a similar rise in recent years. Since owning land in the Metaverse is so simple, it has garnered attention from around the world. It is not quite the same as actually owning a piece of physical land, though.

If you want to make more money in the Metaverse, it is obvious that you will look into purchasing land there. How would you like to have free land in the Metaverse at your disposal? Isn’t that intriguing?

Digital art and, in particular, digital land or real estate will be increasingly difficult to come by, even if Bitcoin has proven to be a successful store of value.

It is possible to play games and explore virtual worlds in the “metaverse,” which is an interactive version of the internet. The relaunch of Facebook as “Meta” signified Facebook’s intention to create a virtual environment where people could gather, work, study and play as well as shop and do numerous other activities.

A Metaverse account is required to begin the process of virtual property ownership to conduct business in the Metaverse. With the help of the Metaverse ecosystem, you can buy, rent, flip, or even sell virtual properties.

Why You Should Own A Free Land In The Metaverse

Is it worth your time and effort to secure a free piece of metaverse real estate? We won’t force you to buy metaverse land, but we do recommend it for the following reasons.

The majority of people’s financial portfolios have historically included a significant amount of real estate.

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Persons who have a penchant for real estate may start to be considering a delve into a less tangible asset, such as the virtual land.

For investors who are willing to put their money where their mouth is, developing a virtual real estate portfolio could be the next big thing.

Real estate that has a unique deed but exists only online is referred to as a virtual real estate.

Think of it as a combination of a video game and a social networking site. An entire collection of virtual worlds can be bought and sold for the same price as real-world property.

Already, the metaverse real estate market is worth billions of dollars. The likes of Snoop Dog, PwC, JP Morgan, HSBC, etc have purchased virtual lands in the Metaverse for varying purposes.

At least on paper, those who invested early have reaped significant benefits.

Decentraland and the Sandbox, two of the largest metaverse platforms, used to charge less than $1,000 for the smallest plots of land available for purchase. About $13,000 is the current market value of this item.

How To Get A Free Land In The Metaverse

While popular metaverse platforms like Decentraland, the Sandbox, Somnium, and Cryptovoxels charge a premium for virtual lands, new metaverse projects are regularly launching and giving away free lands as a way to build their communities.

These deals are always there for the taking. We will take a look at a few websites that offer free land in the metaverse.

Websites That Offer Free Land In The Metaverse

  • Warriors of Aradena
  • Cornucopia’s
  • Next Earth
  • Metaverser

1. Warriors Of Aradena

Combat in Warriors of Aradena is won by depleting all the health of the Commanding Warrior to zero before the timer runs out.

Players can select from among tens of thousands of warriors to take down their foes on the battlefield. All of the warriors are NFT assets, which means they are unique and owned by the player.

Warrior tokens from the Kingdom of Aradena are a unique collection of 8,000 NFTs.

In purchasing a Warrior, you are not only purchasing an original work of art, but you are also becoming a member of the Kingdom of Aradena, which comes with all of its perks.

The NFT representation and any future free airdrops will be yours solely as an owner.

The Warriors of Aradena plan to build a game that is based on land strategy while creating a land airdrop for their genesis warrior holders in the Q3 of 2022.

2. Cornucopias

Unique features of Cornucopias Metaverse include free land and islands that can be built by players.

In themed areas like “Farm Life,” “Wild West,” and “Age of The Samurai,” visitors of all ages can take part in a variety of mini-games.

Play-to-earn environments are also enticing to young people, who can earn digital assets by tinkering around.

The Cardano blockchain underpins the $12 million market cap project.

Various in-game activities will be governed by the COPI token, which will give members of the community the ability to vote. On PancakeSwap, COPI can be purchased.

Play-to-earn, build-to earn, and learn-to-earn features in ‘The Island’ are built on the blockchain and allow players to earn and own real-world land, properties, and other NFT-based assets by participating in games in a safe Metaverse.

3. Next Earth

Users can get free lands on Next Earth, one of the metaverse’s many portals. In this blockchain-based metaverse society, users can buy and land on virtual earth while creating wealth on the real one.

The Next Earth platform is an exact copy of our planet. When it comes to land distribution, community building, and the launching of the Next Earth coin, Next Earth’s primary focus will be in the coming weeks and months.

Through these stages, an ecosystem is built that will eventually become a global digital platform for business expansion.

Next Earth is advancing at a rapid pace, with more than 200,000 NFT lands already in existence.

All members of the community are recognized and rewarded through this community reward system.

All prizes are awarded in the form of units. They are worth 0.1 trillion BUSD each. Getting your hands on a prize requires joining the Next Earth Discord community first.

They also offer free land incentives for users who refer friends to their Discord server.

4. Metaverser

Multiplayer blockchain game Metaverser enables players to control a 3D avatar-based on their personality traits in an open-world environment It’s possible to earn money by playing Metaverse.

There are airdrops for land and tokens on Metaverser. Go to the website to sign up for the event. A free land giveaway ended on January 7, 2022, when the airdrop ended.

Business and gaming collide in this unique game that allows players to earn money while they have fun. Gamers will gain more clout if they inject some substance into their virtual pastimes.

Here’s how players get paid. To get MTVTs and NFTs, they participate in gaming challenges, which they can then sell on the market and cryptocurrency exchanges.

It is common practice to sell non-fungible tokens (NFTs) outside of the game’s domain.


Investment in Metaverses may be a smart move in the future, as the Metaverse appears to be the game-changer. Because virtual reality gaming is becoming increasingly popular, it’s a good time to make an investment or take part in a land airdrop.

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