The The real centre of attraction behind NFT projects such as the digital art collections is the precision and the beauty of such projects. 

We have always cherished the legendary artists of the past centuries like Leonardo Da Vinci and Michaelangelo whose artworks are still relevant in this modern age. However, new digital artists have emerged, utilising blockchain technology to create NFT artworks which are collected in different NFTs marketplaces.

For an artwork to be considered magnificent and edifying, the brain behind such art needs to be talented, skilful and smart. People have learned to tender great respect to the big digital artists of our time whose works are reshaping the world of art.

Many artists have proven through the quality of their works and volume of sales, to be higher than others. This article will highlight the top 10 best selling NFT artists you should look out for this year.

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Top 10 Best Selling NFTs Artists In 2022

1. Pak:

The first on the list is a reputable artist named Pak whose style of art revolves around geometric forms that are programmatically represented.

Pak has been an anonymous figure since the first art creation. Nobody can say Pak is a man, a woman, a child or a team. Well, maybe the artist has done a great thing by remaining anonymous for no man can tell the face behind such beautiful works. The artist is also called “Murat Pak” or “The Nothing”.

The most successful project of the artist is the artist’s NFT collection called ” The Merge” which sold for $91.9 million on Nifty Gateway(an NFT marketplace known for hosting expensive and exclusive NFTs projects).

This singular sale granted it the status of the highest sale by an artist and probably the weirdest NFTs collection in the history of NFTs collections. Even though Pak has launched several NFT collections such as Cloud Moment Dark, X, and more before this, the artist has surprised the world more with his style of art and anonymity.

2. Beeple:

Who doesn’t know Beeple? I mean if you are an NFTs collector, you must have heard of the “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” which sold for $69 million at Christie’s auction. This is the biggest artwork of Beeple a.k.a Mark Winkleman. This work of art represents a combination of his everyday work for a period of thirteen and half years, giving it a pleasing look like all the thirteen and half years of everyday work are combined in a synchronized way.

His NFT work “crossroad” was initially sold for $66,000 but resold for $6.7 million.

Beeple also holds a record for the shortest time to sell a digital artwork, after securing $582,000 in five minutes for one of his pieces.

Presently, he’s working with the Christies on another artwork named “Human”. This represents an astronaut wandering off to different kinds of landscapes.

3. Tyler Hobbs:

Tyler Hobbs is another great NFT artist on the list, notably known for his work ” Fidenza: Incomplete control” which sold out before the art was revealed. The NFT collection sold for over $7 million. He’s one of the best artists in generative blockchain art.

He has a unique style of featuring different coloured blocks set against an off-white backdrop. His total NFTs value is about $117 million with over 1,012 NFTs sales.

Hobbs’ Incomplete Control collection is the artist’s most expensive collection to date.


XCOPY is as mysterious as Pak. He’s a London based influential digital artist who has described his artwork as “explores death, dystopia, and apathy through distorted visual loops”. We can say he loves the dark, but on the other side, his art is mostly made up of cartoony illustrations which include fire, skulls and some hallucinatory themes which are always brightly coloured. 

His style of artwork is so unique that people can tell which work is XCOPY’s.

XCOPY raked a huge amount from a huge volume of sales. His work ” A Coin For The Ferryman” sold for $6million on SuperRare and his “Some Asshole” work sold for $3.86 million.

5. Mad Dog Jones:

Michah Dohback, popularly called Mad Dog Jones is one of the best NFT artists alive. The Canadian artist had managed to mark his territory while blending music and art to attract both art and music lovers alike.

Mad Dog’s work was described as surreal and dynamic by many which explain the reason behind his sales of more than 15000 coding art for $10,000 per piece.

Mad Dog became one of the most expensive and influential Canadian artists after he sold his very first crypto art at Philips.

One of his iconic projects is the “Replicator”, a digital art reproducer that produces new NFTs every month.

This is likened to an NFT copier which means a buyer can replicate and resell your NFTs afterwards.

He identifies as a purely digital artist and he has enjoyed a lucrative career over the years through his ambitions.

6. Fewocious:

Victor Langlois( Fewocious) had a hard time growing, especially while trying to identify as a trans. However, this artist has made an everlasting mark on NFT space. At age 17, he already earned a whopping $18million from NFT collections. His work” The Everlasting Beautiful” made sales of $550,000. He’s the youngest artist that was promoted by the Christies in an online auction “Hello, I’m Victor(Fewocious) and This Is My Story”.

The auction had five digital and physical paintings which portrayed the difficulties he faced while coming out as a trans. He’s surely an inspiration to other trans people.

7. Hackatao:

Hackatao is another unique artist on the list whose name was curbed from two words ” hack” and “tao”. This is a major representation of their art which digs things to see what lies beyond and a sense of duality and balance.

Hackatao is both famous for physical artworks as well as NFT arts.

Hackatao’s NFTs frequently showcase expressive and vibrant illustrations of female characters. 

The artist’s pieces of artwork also tackle the main societal issues, crypto, environment and humanity at large. Hackatao has an NFT value of over $42million and has sold more than 9,000 NFTs.

8. Nyla Hayes:

This artist is a good example that young people have the potential to achieve anything they set their minds to. 

I am talking about a 13-year old girl who has made millions with her digital art collection. 

Her art career started at the age of 4 when she began drawing and got the motivation of digital arts when she got a cell phone at age 9, she became immensely successful at 12.

She was introduced to NFTs by her uncle and she quickly discovered a way to create and monetize them.

Her NFTs collection named ” Long Neckie” which features women with long necks in different backgrounds and garlands on heads, sold for $3.4 million.

She also got the opportunity to express her talents for Time Magazine and got the designation of “Time’s Artists in Residence”.  She’s not just an artist, she is an inspiration for artists all around the world.

9. Rich Lord:

Rich Lord is another famous NFT artist known for his work from the Art Blocks platform.

His most popular artwork comes from the “Geometry Runners” collection. 

The NFTs collection features animated geometric shapes walking across a variety of surfaces and the colours of the collection vary between NFTs but they tend to be more muted colours, with only a few appearing in each artwork. 

However, he shows a great range of uniqueness in his work as shown by the Octo Garden collection that comes from the non-curated Factory section of Art Blocks Factory.

10. Isaac Wright:

Isaac Wright was a military man who fell into depression and PTSD after taking his leave from the military.

He later took pleasure in the high places where he could go wearing his Vans. He revealed that he found himself what to do upon climbing to high places.

He always climbed the pinnacle of many structures around New York City to take photographs, though he was nabbed by the police when he was coming down the Great American Tower in Cincinnati which ended his climbing expedition.

After the incident, he started selling his photographs as NFTs. His collection “Where My Vans Go” found fame early on and became one of the most popular NFT collections. One of his photographs has reached $1.6 million. 


These artists are changing the narrative of artwork in the world today. NFTs art projects are providing a more diverse and huge volume of artworks to the world. 

You can dig deep into any which caught your interest and buy one or a few NFTs from them.

As an artist, you can be one of these people by jumping on the neutral opportunity of NFTs to create your artwork and sell them in the NFTs market.