Top 5 Tech Companies in Lagos

There are several tech companies in Lagos. The best in their area of services are listed below.

Tech companies are on the rise in this part of the world, with many tech hubs, start-ups, and others making their way into the industry.

Lagos is no doubt an industrial in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Over 75 tech firms in Lagos deal in business relating to digital electronics, software, and internet-related services, such as e-commerce services.

This post will show the top tech companies in Lagos, Nigeria. Before then, let’s get a brief about what they are about.

What is a Tech Company?

A technology company (or tech company) is an electronics-based technological company, including, for example, business relating to digital electronics, software, and internet-related services, such as e-commerce service.

These companies use technological tools and spend large sums of money annually on research and development. The leading tech companies worldwide include Apple, Amazon, Dell, Microsoft, Huawei, Samsung, etc.

Top 5 Tech Companies in Lagos

Lagos is one of the fastest-growing tech cities in Africa. They deal in services related to digital electronics, software, and the internet. The top of these tech companies in these areas is discussed below.

1. Prestmit- Best Tech Company for E-Commerce Services

Prestmit is a digital technology company that provides render e-commerce services. The company is a modern digital trading platform where you can buy and sell digital assets like gift cards, bitcoins, airtime, data plans, and bills payment.

Prestmit Advert

The company is built with love for its users, which can be seen in services rendered and tools, including its mobile app for Digital assets exchange.

Prestmit pride herself on being the best site to sell gift cards in Nigeria.

You can also convert airtime to cash on Prestmit.

Prestmit is one of the top tech companies that render e-commerce services
Prestmit is one of the top tech companies that render e-commerce services.

2. Aitechma- Best Tech Company for Software Development

Aitechma is dedicated to creating the best apps that run on mobile, web, and desktop platforms. The company builds technology-rich apps and solutions which give the best user experience.

The company uses the latest technologies and methodologies to build its products. Services rendered by Aitechma include UI/UX design, website design, web app development, and mobile app development.

The company is in Lagos at No 2 Anipupo St, Ogba, Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Sidmach Tech- Best Tech Company for Software Solutions

Sidmach Technologies is a tech company that develops and deploys software solutions at scale to solve high-impact business challenges.

Services rendered by Sidmach Tech include I.T. Hardware Products and Services, Flagship Solutions, Custom Software Solutions, Cloud Services, Security Solutions, and ICT Infrastructure Services.

The ICT firm is located on Block J CBD Ikeja, Plot 15 Otunba Jobi Fele Way, 100212, Ojodu, Nigeria.

4. Codevolution Nigeria- Best Tech Company for Digital Marketing Services

Codevolution Nigeria is a renowned digital agency based in Lagos, Nigeria. The company majors in web development, mobile application development, digital marketing & digital strategy services.

The company is up to date in the use of technological tools. They also train people to use digital marketing strategies to reach potential customers/clients.

The company is located on no 1, Aborishade St, Lawanson 100001, Lagos, Nigeria.

5. Optisoft- Top Tech Company for ICT Solutions

Optisoft is a tech firm that specializes in ICT consulting and Software development. Created in 2011, the company has been reputable in ICT services.

Optisoft offers services in Software Development, Mobile Application Development, E-Commerce Development, IT Consulting, Digital Marketing, and Software Development Training.

The company is located in Suite 808, 8th Floor, Mandalas Mall, No 96/102, Broad Street, Marina, Lagos Island, Lagos – Nigeria.

Closing Thoughts

Lagos is one of the cities which has witnessed technological advancement. Large tech businesses such as Binance, MTN, and others are already making huge moves in the Nigerian market.

Several tech companies exist in Lagos, Nigeria, today. These companies render services to help users in software development, e-commerce, ICT training, etc.





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