Have you heard of the new token called Little Rabbit? The crypto space is abuzz with news of this project. The little rabbit token (LTRBT) is the currency for the project and is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain.

Little Rabbit token has many uses, but it serves primarily as a contact point for all activities on the Little Rabbit project, which includes staking and carrying out transactions on its exchange.

This article will discuss all you need to know about the Little Rabbit token.

What is the Little Rabbit Token?

The Little Rabbit token is the utility currency for the Little Rabbit Project. It is an entry and exchange point for trading NFTs, using the Rabbit DEX for fee collection and staking.

The Little Rabbit project was launched in 2021’s second quarter. According to the project’s whitepaper, the LTRBT will be an in-game reward for an online game called MMORPG. The tokens are minted on Binance Smart Chain, but the project plans to create its own ecosystem with a decentralised exchange, NFTs and other assets.

Little Rabbit aims to provide its users with financial assistance via its products. Anyone who wants to undertake a project or venture can use Little Rabbit for financial aid to ensure the venture’s success, especially in decentralised finance. (DeFi).

Features and Uses of Little Rabbit Token

The Little Rabbit token serves the following purposes which are

  • For carrying out activities in the project’s DEX
  • Trading NFTs
  • Staking in the project
  • Yield farming
  • As fees for transactions

Features of LTRBT

  • LTRBT token provides a gasless yield for holders, which means holders receive a reward just for holding the taken.
  • The token uses an auto coin-burning mechanism. This means that for every transaction, bits of the token are removed from circulation to reduce supply. This is how the asset appreciates.
  • Automatic addition to the liquidity pool, in which case it becomes locked.

Is the Little Rabbit Token Similar to Other Cryptocurrencies?

Little Rabbit token differs from other cryptocurrencies in some of its features. Firstly, it uses a model that rewards users for holding the coin, i.e. gas-free yields or rewards. How it works is that the gas fees used for transactions are paid to the holders as rewards.

Smart Chain and uses Aside from this difference, the LTRBT token is focused on stability, security and growth for its users, just like other coins. It is built on the Binance Smart Chain and uses smart contracts. The blockchain provides the token with the right environment to develop in the DeFi space.

Market Performance

According to Coinmarketcap, the Little Rabbit token has a market cap of $388,655. The whitepaper states that the token has a supply cap of 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens.

The currency circulating supply is 334,131,860,594,663 tokens, and the trading volume in 24 hours stands at $827,947.

As of the time of this writing, 1 LTRBT token costs about $0.000000001103. Little Rabbit token price differs according to the exchange you trade on.

Tokenomics of the Little Rabbit token

Who are the Owners of Little Rabbit?

The white paper states that ownership has been renounced. There is no mention of the owners anywhere on the official website. Sources like Coinmarketcap and Coinbase have also yet to uncover the owners. So, it’s safe to assume that they intend to remain anonymous.

This knowledge gap on an upcoming project sparks suspicion; however, cryptocurrency project auditors Dessert Finance did an audit of the Little Rabbit token and concluded that it’s safe for investors to invest in the coin, especially considering it is built on a completely decentralised blockchain.

Where to Buy Little Rabbit Token

You can buy little Rabbit token on some exchanges, such as

Depending on the trading pairs, there might be minute price differences. Pancakeswap offers up to 4 different trading pairs, including ETH and BUSD.

How to Buy Little Rabbit Token

Since the LTRBT token is built on a decentralised chain, you must have a decentralised wallet. After that, take the following steps.

  • Choose an exchange. There’s Binance, Coinbase, etc.
  • Sign up for an account or sign in if you have one already on your chosen exchange.
  • Buy some BNB coins. You’ll use the Binance Coin to swap for LTRBT. You can buy BNB with fiat or other crypto.
  • Send the BNB to your decentralised wallet. Ensure you’re using the BEP20 that is on the Binance Smart Chain.
  • Swap BNB for LTRBT. When you receive the BNB in your wallet, you can trade it for LTRBT on PancakeSwap or Bitmart.



Little Rabbit token is the digital currency for the Little Rabbit project – a new project launched on Binance Smart Chain. The token and the project aim to help users maximise their financial investments. Little Rabbit token is still developing but has enticing features such as gas-free yields. This is a system that rewards holders just for holding the token. The token, abbreviated as LTRBT, is used for staking and yield farming in the project, buying NFTs, paying fees and transacting on the project’s DEX.

The identity of the owners of the project has yet to be discovered. However, some authorities have assuaged investors’ fears with due diligence, saying that it is safe enough to invest in. The project has great potential; you can invest in it, provided you do your due diligence.