Dogecoins may have begun as a joke, it but has risen to become the fourth-largest cryptocurrency in the world. Its value has risen by more than 14,000% since the start of 2021 according to coinmarketcap.

This parody of cryptocurrency created by Australian entrepreneur Jackson Palmer and software engineer Billy Markus in 2013 has a distinct feature. It uses relatively little energy for transactions compared with other cryptos (0.12 kilowatt-hours per transaction).

Although dogecoins may be used for payments and purchases, it is however considered not a very effective way to store value, which is why you might want to sell them off.



Best Place To Sell Dogecoins In Nigeria

Prestmit, a top-rated gifts-card exchange platform offers the best doge to naira exchange in Nigeria. With Prestmit wallet, you can receive dogecoin to the best dogecoin wallet in Nigeria from anywhere in the world without questions, or delays, and with zero fees.

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This is a strictly sell service where dogecoins would be sent to your wallet address and automatically converted to naira using the current corresponding rates.

As of today, the cost of 1 dogecoin in Nigerian naira is #96.75 according to the ”Open Exchange Rates”.

How To Sell Dogecoins For Naira

It is very easy and stress-free to sell dogecoins for naira when you create a Prestmit account. Instantly, you’re eligible for an operational dogecoin wallet that is unique to you and you can sell dogecoins in exchange for the Nigerian naira.

All you need do is take these steps below to sell dogecoin in exchange for naira;

  1. Create Account- Register a Prestmit account in less than a minute.
  2. Create Address– As a Prestmit user, you get a free dogged address.
  3. Send Doge- Send your dogecoins to your Wallet Address.
  4. Get Paid Instantly- Wait for 3 confirmations and get paid instantly.

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