Everyone who ventures into crypto searches the web for crypto news at some point. With hundreds of news outlets to scour, it isn’t easy to discern the best crypto news websites.

Most news sources attempt to present goings-on in the cryptocurrency industry, particularly Bitcoin news. But there’s the problem of fluff, recycled or regurgitated information. As a crypto investor, your success depends on knowing the price points, possible changes and how to handle them. To know these things, you need credible news sources.

So, to help you gain access to trustworthy crypto news, we’ve made a list of 15 of the best crypto news sources in 2023.

Importance of Crypto News Websites

The best crypto news websites are not so-named because they discuss high-sounding industry jargon. They have built a track record of credibility, impact and knowledge that has aided new and old crypto investors.

Websites that write on crypto help interested onlookers decide if they can deal with the industry. They also provide the information investors need to make decisions and grow in the industry.

15 Best Crypto News Websites and Outlets

1. Cointelegraph

cointelegraph is one of the best websites for crypto news

As the name suggests, Cointelegraph is one of the top crypto news sources with a large followership. The news site was founded in 2013 and has consistently disseminated credible news on Bitcoin, Altcoins, Web3, DeFi, and blockchain.

Their repertoire includes market analyses, a crypto encyclopedia featuring how-to articles for beginners and veterans, tutorial videos for NFTs and hot-takes on various blockchain-related topics from experts. It’s a great website for crypto enthusiasts who want daily updates on the industry.

2. CoinDesk

coindesk - best crypto news outlet

Coindesk is another leading crypto news website in the industry. Also founded in 2013, the crypto news mogul specialises in providing updated information on the latest happenings via its blog, podcasts, opinion articles and more. Followers can find daily updates on popular crypto prices like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance’s BNB. They can also extrapolate investment advice from the market, and price analyses and expert opinions dished out regularly.

3. CoinGape

Coingape is another powerhouse in the crypto news landscape. They provide market price analysis, forecast and explainer articles on blockchain topics.

Anyone interested in in-depth price reviews on Bitcoin, Altcoins and Ethereum would love Coingape. Their additional editorial pieces and interviews make Coingape one of the best websites for crypto news.

4. Decrypt

decrypt - best crypto news sites

Decrypt is an excellent news source for all things cryptocurrency and Web3. You can find reviews, expert opinion pieces and price analyses on the page. They release up-to-date information on the blockchain sector with videos, in-depth articles and press releases. Decrypt is an excellent website for anyone with a voracious appetite for cryptocurrency.

5. Bitcoin Magazine

bitcoin magazine - crypto news outlet

Think of Bitcoin magazine as an expert commentator on all things Bitcoin. Founded in 2012, the magazine set out to educate its readers on the intricacies of Bitcoin and its advancement in the cryptocurrency landscape. It has stuck to its original mission and thus stands out as one of the best news sources for all things Bitcoin.

6. BeInCrypto

If you want to know what happened to crypto this week or breaking news on regulations, sanctions, market changes, etc., BeInCrypto is your plug. The site is hands-down one of the best websites for crypto news on the hour. Every day, you’re sure to find new pieces, whether an article or a technical cryptocurrency analysis. With this site, you’ll always be armed with breaking news in the industry. They also post job listings in the crypto space.

7. CryptoNews

CryptoNews, as its name embodies, is one of the best news sites for crypto. They provide a mix of crypto-related content running the gamut from fintech to blockchain, DeFi, Web3, etc. It’s a reliable platform that can facilitate learning for both newbies and experienced crypto enthusiasts.

8. Bitcoin.com

bitcoin.com - crypto news site

Bitcoin.com is another Bitcoin-centric news website. Although the site publishes  Bitcoin news majorly, it also publishes featured articles on crypto in general, press releases, interviews and Web3 content.

In addition to being a news website, they allow users to buy, sell, invest and trade in Bitcoin via a dedicated app.

9. Bankless


Bankless prides itself as the ultimate crypto guide; the claim has credence. It was founded by David Hoffman and Ryan Sean Adams.

As one of the best news sites for crypto, Bankless provides the knowledge crypto investors need with finance protocols and alternatives to conventional banking, hence the name “Bankless”. In their newsletter, readers receive pieces on DeFi and Ethereum. They also have a podcast where experts are interviewed.

10. Blockworks


Blockworks is another reliable digital platform that publishes breaking news on crypto, including DeFi, asset management and finance.

Apart from the crypto-related articles, it has a podcast and a platform that lets investors conduct in-depth research on DeFi protocols.

11. Bitcoinist

This is another top-tier crypto news website in the crypto ecosystem. Bitcoinist is always on top of the goings-on in the industry and brings the news to its readers through feature articles and guides on Bitcoin market updates, industry regulations and price listings.

12. The Block

The Block stands out among the best crypto news websites with its data-based analysis in its news stories. The research spans Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi, new coins and Central Bank digital currencies. This research supplies a wealth of data to back up its articles and fuel whatever arguments they might make.

As one of the leading news sources, it publishes breaking news on crypto, crypto gaming, the Metaverse, and even venture capital.

13. The Defiant

The Defiant puts the DeFi in Decentralised Finance by writing deep-dive articles and news pieces about the industry. Founded by former Bloomberg finance journalist Camilla Russo, The Defiant informs its readers by conducting interviews with mavens in Decentralised Finance. The goal of the news outlet is to break DeFi into understandable pieces.

14. UToday

Dubai-based crypto news outlet U Today, was founded in 2017. The media giant focuses on teaching newbies and veterans about new-age technology and crypto.

They publish interviews with cryptocurrency big-shots about Bitcoin and Ethereum, including price analysis for these and other coins. U.Today is a fast-paced crypto news website with the scoop on everyday events in the industry. They have amassed a huge following and are poised to stay high-flying.

15. Crypto Potato

If you have a knack for reading information disseminated with humour, then Crypto Potato will appeal to you. But don’t be fooled; this website is one of the best websites for crypto news.

Like hot potatoes, they serve updates on market prices, cryptocurrency analyses, trading guides and opinion pieces. They also publish interviews with crypto connoisseurs. In all, they’re reliable, updated and thorough.


Ranking crypto sites is not about looking for which news websites are most popular. It’s about considering which ones have a track record of delivering credible, helpful and time-relevant content consistently. We’ve listed 15 of the best crypto news websites you can always check to stay on top of events in the crypto space.

The sites in this list have cryptocurrency, DeFi, the Metaverse and other aspects of finance on lock. You’ll find daily news updates, market price analyses and interviews from the top players in the ecosystem. Follow them to broaden your crypto knowledge.