Google search engine is a tool for many people in the world today to get clarity on whatever issues are on their minds. In the financial world today, questions about cryptocurrency are ”hot” as many want to know about the so-called digital currency in a digital world.

The top 10 most googled questions about cryptocurrencies show that many investors want to know the ”how”, ”what”, and ”why” before investing.  Let’s go through the most crypto-related Google searches, from highest to lowest, and why they always pop up.

Question #1: What is Cryptocurrency

The most popular question that general investors ask Google is, “What is cryptocurrency.” With a global search volume (GV) of 256,000, this Google search overshadows the second most crypto-related Google search by nearly five (4.7) times.

This is number one on the list because cryptocurrency is gaining mass adoption which has made many enquire about it. Industry experts have made it a point of duty to educate and make awareness on this topic via websites, blog posts, videos, and several other means on the internet.

Question #2: What is crypto

The second most googled question about cryptocurrency is an iteration of the number question, ”what is cryptocurrency”. Cryptocurrency and crypto are used interchangeably, which makes this the second most asked question recording a GV of 54,000.

Just like the top question, ”what is crypto” highlights the fact that many need to be educated about cryptocurrency. Investors and traders want to know about this financial term before putting in their money.

Question #3: How to invest in cryptocurrency

Following the ”what” questions is ”how to invest in cryptocurrency”. With a GV of 44,000, the Googled question shows rising interest in crypto investments despite the prolonged bear market.

The keywords also highlight the need for simplifying the process of investing in cryptocurrencies. After getting to have a clue about cryptocurrency, risk-takers want to know how to invest in it and make a profit.

Question #4: What is crypto mining

The ”what” question resurfaces on the list of the top most googled questions about cryptocurrency. This time, it’s all about one of the top crypto activities, i.e. crypto mining. The question recorded a GV of 37,000.

Investors with a base-level understanding of the crypto ecosystem tend to try out mining as a means to make passive income via cryptocurrencies. Mining is one of the ways early investors made a fortune with little investment. Many therefore want to know the possibility of mining the ‘digital gold’ to earn big.

Question #5: How to buy cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is on the list of many things people in the world want to buy today.  “How to buy cryptocurrency” takes the fifth position as the most searched crypto-related keyword on Google. The GV of 36,000 shows an evident interest in purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Some financial experts such as Robert Kiyosaki have advised that the best time to buy cryptocurrency is during the price fall. Many have also heard about the possibility of making a big profit from buying cryptocurrency. For these reasons and several others, ”how to buy cryptocurrency” is what many people want to know about.

Question #6: Why is crypto crashing

”Crypto crash” has been synonymous with the digital currency as a result of its volatile nature.  Google shows that investors are trying to find answers to the question, “Why is crypto crashing.” The 2022 bear market proved to be catastrophic to several crypto ecosystems, wiping out millions of dollars overnight. As a result, the Google search represented a GV of 33,000.

The investment opportunities of cryptocurrency are enormous and have made investors find the cause of one of its biggest issues, i.e. crash. Crypto investors need to know about the happenings in the industry, for this reason, this question is looked up by investors.

Question #7: How does cryptocurrency work

This is another ”how” question in the list of the most googled questions about cryptocurrency. “How does cryptocurrency work,” stands as the seventh most Googled question about cryptocurrencies, with a GV of 27,000.

Many investors and crypto beginners want to about know the inner workings of a crypto project. Since crypto projects are different in their blockchains, many want to know a particular project’s work. This helps to uncover the hidden risks of investments.

Question #8: Why is crypto down

The collapse of projects such as Terra Luna and other factors have led to the question ”Why is crypto down,” resulting in a GV of 21,000.

Investors tend to find answers on the internet, so whenever there is a price fall, this question pops up. This shows that there have been a lot of shutdowns in the crypto industry.

Question #9: How to create a cryptocurrency

Since bitcoin was created by the pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto, many have created several cryptocurrencies alike. The idea of creating, marketing, and selling their cryptocurrency seems better than investing in something created by others. “How to create a cryptocurrency” stands as the ninth most Google searched term in the crypto space with a GV of 14,000.

Anyone can create & launch their cryptocurrency so many who want to solve a problem look for answers on the internet. However, merely launching a cryptocurrency without aiming to serve a use case is destined to fail in the long term.

Question #10: How to trade cryptocurrency

“How to trade cryptocurrency” completes the list of the most searched questions on Google about cryptocurrency with a GV of 13,000. There are many crypto exchanges and p2p platforms for trading cryptocurrency.

Many investors want to know about the possibility of trading for profit making.  Investors also make research new ways to trade cryptocurrencies despite the growing mainstream popularity of cryptocurrencies.