How to Buy Bitcoins with Gift Cards In Nigeria

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Have you checked the Cryptocurrency market to see the wonders the first and strongest crypto has been doing? I am sure by now you must have asked google for bitcoins Price? In case you haven’t, as at the time of writing this article, a bitcoin is equivalent to $46,934.05. “Whew” what a difference 12 years can make, from worth $0 in 2009 when Satoshi invented it to this. now everybody is looking for a way to buy Bitcoins. There is no telling how much more bitcoins will gain in the future, the best time to invest is now. 

Do you have a gift card or gift cards you aren’t going to use to redeem items? Do you know you can trade them for Bitcoins? Yes, that gift card can be your gateway to investing in the world’s most valuable asset. Just like cash, gift card brands vary the resale value. Below is a list of the most valuable gift cards in Nigeria.

The Most Valuable Gift Cards in Nigeria

  1. Footlocker Gift Card
  2. Mastercard Gift Card
  3. American Express (AMEX) Gift Card
  4. Google Play Gift Card
  5. iTunes Gift Card
  6. BestBuy Gift Card
  7. Nordstrom Gift Card
  8. Macy’s Gift Card
  9. Sephora Gift Card
  10. Steam Gift Card
  11. Visa Gift Card
  12. Amazon Gift Card
  13. eBay Gift Card

To check the current prices of these gift cards you can use a Rate Calculator. Also, be sure to confirm the balance on your gift card before attempting to trade. 

To Trade your gift card for Bitcoin you have to register on a platform that enables gift cards for Bitcoins trade. Below is a list of 5 platforms that buy gift cards for Bitcoins at a high rate.

5 Gift Card To Bitcoins Trading Platforms With the Highest Rates

  1. Prestmit
  2. Crypto Voucher
  3. Bitrefill
  4. Egifter
  5. Legitcards

For this post, we will be focusing on how to trade on the Prestmit platform as it is the most user/price friendly

How to Buy Bitcoins with Gift Cards on Prestmit 

To be able to trade your gift cards on Prestmit, follow the steps below:

Prestmit Advert
  1. Create an account on the platform
  2. Log in and click the “BEGIN TRADE” or “START TRADE” option.
  3. Look for “SELL GIFT CARDS” on the new page.
  4. Fill in the required details.
  5. Select Bitcoins as your payment method and wait for 5 minutes.

And just like that, you can be a crypto boss with your gift card. Log on and start to trade, it only takes minutes.



As a cryptocurrency and gift card expert, I am passionate about exploring the intersection of finance and technology. With a background in both fields, I bring a unique perspective to my writing, offering an in-depth analysis of the latest developments and trends in the world of digital currencies and gift cards.

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