Bitcoin is considered the first, largest, and most expensive cryptocurrency in the world, and people over the last decade have grown to the lucid understanding and discovery of this powerful digital currency. As such, there has been a continuous interest ticked towards an affiliation of Bitcoin as an asset.

With a divergent personal interest in Bitcoin, a large number of people are on the quest of cashing in on the high-profit margin served by the expensive coin. As reputed as Bitcoin is, it can be used to make payments for goods and services at any place of the world that it is recognized and accepted.

Popular as the mother of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin value remains the same across the world, and can be used to buy other crypto-assets as the means of trade.

There are several exchange platforms to buy Bitcoin from in Ghana, notable of them is Prestmit. Prestmit is a renowned peer-to-peer exchange platform where you can buy Bitcoin in Ghana without hassle.

How To Buy Bitcoin On Prestmit In Ghana

1. Create a Prestmit account on the website or Prestmit mobile app on your android play store

2. Log in on your Prestmit account

3. Generate a Bitcoin address

4. Click on ‘Buy Bitcoin’ from the list of currencies provided

5. Select a preferred payment method

6. Enter in Ghana Cedis the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy

7. Your order will be received upon the successful completion of the details

8. Upon the confirmation of payment, the equivalent Bitcoin will be transferred to your Prestmit wallet


There are other options for buying Bitcoin in Ghana which include buying from individuals directly. This is however considered a risky medium of buying Bitcoin. A large number of people putting ads on social media with the claim of selling Bitcoin at relatively low rates are usually fraudsters and are only interested in being dubious with your money. Therefore, buy Bitcoin from individuals and platforms you can trust. Prestmit offers you the best.