Frequently Asked Questions

Gift Card Questions

How FAST is trade?

This totally depends on what card you are trading. Normally, it is 5 minutes.

E-codes are set of numbers of a gift card with no image.

You can check on all our rates for different cards by clicking on this link:

This is because the trade is being attended to. Please exercise patience as your transaction would be completed soon.

If the card you want to trade is not listed, it means w are currently not accepting it at the moment.

Bitcoin Questions

What is Bitcoin NETWORK FEE?

These are charges incurred by BTC service providers for every BTC transaction. This ensures that you have a swift transaction.

With a Prestmit account, you already have your own BTC Wallet where you can send, receive and save your BTC.

Bitcoin is determined by the market forces of demand and supply. When the demand of Bitcoin increases in the market, the price rises and vice versa. On the contrary, when the supply of Bitcoin decreases, the price rises since the shortage created causes consumers to willingly pay a higher price for it.

There is no maximum BTC value you can buy or sell.

Most times BTC transfers take a long time to reflect in your Prestmit wallet, this is mainly because of the sending fee(s) used while making the transfer. We generally advise the use of a high sending fee when sending BTC because the confirmations are largely dependent on the bitcoin network. However, you will get a confirmation mail once the BTC drops in your wallet. Please exercise patience while we await confirmation.

Payments Questions

How FAST is payment?

You will be credited within 5 minutes.

This could be due to the receiving bank's network. We implore you to reachout to our customer service representatives on Live chat if you are yet to receive payment after 24hours.

You get paid in your Prestmit Wallet which is also referred to as your NAIRA WALLET. Once your card(s) is CONFIRMED and your transaction is successful, you can withdraw at any given day or time into your local Bank as to which the payment would be gotten within 5minutes.

No, withdrawal is free.

Minimum is 1,000 naira. There is no maximum as long as it's your money.

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