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Why Prestmit is Better than Patricia

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Prestmit vs Patricia, let’s call it the battle of the Ps. On the right side of the ring, wearing blue and white shorts is Prestmit. The heavyweight champion in gift card trading. On the left-hand side, wearing black, green and white shorts is Patricia, the Crypto giant. If this was a real boxing match, the bookies will put fewer odds on Patricia. This is because of their experience and size. Little do they know that the underdog has a wicked left-hand punch that will shock its opponent. This post will help its readers see how Prestmit is better than Patricia, even with all the experience and size.

Before we get into the fight let us look at the problems the two platforms solve.


This platform is designed for people to trade digital assets for a form of payment. These digital assets include gift cards, Bitcoin, USDT, Litecoin, Dogecoins, airtime and data top-up. Traders have the option to be paid in Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin and USDT. This means that an individual can sell his/her gift card, for example, for the payment options listed above. All they have to do is log on to, create an account and start trading.


Patricia on the other hand is a Cryptocurrency trading platform. Users are allowed to use Crypto to pay bills, buy airtime and gift cards on Patricia. Some of the bills include electricity bills, data top-up and cable bills.

The two platforms solve legit problems but one trumps the other with the quality of the problem it solves.

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What Makes Prestmit Better than Patricia?

Time to put this fight to rest with a left-hand punch from Prestmit to knock out Patricia. The latter is more of a payment platform than a trading one but Prestmit is a platform where its users earn cash or Cryptocurrency.

Who wouldn’t prefer earning to paying bills? Matter of fact it is the cash you earn you use to settle your bills. Now it’s getting clearer why Prestmit is fast becoming everybody’s destination online. If you possess a gift card and you need some cash then log on to Prestmit and earn.


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