Gift cards are increasingly being used for personal benefits and traded in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, which explains its high demand. 

This has generated a thriving business in the finance world where platforms have been developed to ease the burden of gift card redemption. Many apps have taken the responsibility of helping people to redeem their gift cards for cash and crypto. Some of these platforms are the Prestmit app and the Glover app.

If you are a new gift card owner looking to sell your gift cards and are unsure or skeptical of which platform to use between one of the two most outstanding gift card trading apps in Africa; Prestmit and Glover, then this article will give you the insight you desire.


About Prestmit Mobile Gift Card Trading App

Mobile applications provide the most convenient channel for making transactions repeatedly, online. Prestmit, one of Nigeria’s senior, consistent, and reliable gift card exchange platforms, has launched a mobile application that will make selling gift cards online even easier. Prestmit mobile app is very much available on the google play store.

On Prestmit, the gift card rates are automatically updated to stay correct and current according to market rates. The aim of Prestmit is not limited to just making a profit, but also to ensure that every user is blessed with an amazing experience while using the platform.

You can sell all types of gift cards in Nigeria and Ghana, for cedis or mobile money, for bitcoins, or USDT, anytime, anywhere, on Prestmit. Thus, whatever gift cards you want to trade, whether Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Steam, Sephora, and so on, you can do so easily on Prestmit because the platform has a large selection of gift cards exchanges.

About Glover Mobile Gift Card Trading App

Glover is an affiliate company of Patricia. Glover is an exchange platform that aims to open up a world of financial opportunities to everyone. The company is a proponent of seeking new ways of making money by promoting exchange through the use of gift cards.

Patricia’s gift card and digital asset services were handed over to Glover a few months ago. This means you can no longer trade your gift cards on Patricia, but only on Glover. The Glover app allows you to pay your utility bills and top up your phone’s airtime from the comfort of your own home, easily purchasing local and international gift cards. This app also has room for you to buy and sell your favorite gift cards and convert your airtime into money

Why Prestmit Is Better Than Glover 

1. Exceptional Prices

Everyone wants the best deal during trading, the seller and buyer will always want to maximize profit. Prestmit, fortunately, has you covered. Prestmit always has the best rates for gift cards while compared to other platforms like Glover.

2. Immediate Payment

Prestmit guarantees instant payment within 5-10 minutes of selling your gift card. Prestmit has proven to be an exceptional app since its birth, with recorded fastest payment when compared to other platforms.

3. Constant trading

The Prestmit mobile app is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter when you want to trade. Except for timely upgrades, you can trade at any time and anywhere.

4. Calculator for Gift Card Rates

The mobile app includes a constantly updated gift card rate calculator. This means you can always check the best gift cards with the highest rates to sell. This is a feature that makes Prestmit very outstanding when compared to other platforms like Glover.

5. The Live Chat Alternative

In addition to the other features, Prestmit provides customer service with a quick response time. You can contact the Support Team anytime via live chat on the website, email, or phone/WhatsApp if you have any questions.

6 Sell Any Type Of Gift Card For Multiple Currency Or Crypto

The Prestmit mobile app allows you to sell any type of gift card. This means that both electronic and physical gift cards can be exchanged. You can also exchange any gift card, regardless of its currency, for Naira, AUD, USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD, and especially cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. Most platforms like Glover have limitations on the currency of the gift cards they trade. Prestmit is the only platform that rewards gift cards for bitcoin or USDT.

With the rising recognition of gift cards and the growth of the gift card trading industry, it is always required that one must be cautious while trading these cards to avoid the tragedy of falling for gift card scams. The best way to do this is to trade with reliable and pioneer platforms like Prestmit.