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The problem with investing in Bitcoin in Ghana is that people are not sure how safe most platforms are. It is estimated that only 900,000 people (3.01% of the population) have Cryptocurrencies. They do not want to sink their money into buying Cryptocurrency and not receive returns. All that fear can be thrown out the window because of Paxful Ghana.

What is Paxful?

This one is for the newcomers, those that are reading this and wondering what exactly Paxful does.

Paxful is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform. It’s a digital space where users can change their Ghanaian Cedis to Cryptocurrency, sell it when they want or save it.

The company was founded by Newyork-raised Egyptian Ray Youssef and Estonian Artur Schaback in 2015 in a bid to solve the world’s money problem. Their headquarters is in Newyork and they are reported to have more than 3 million wallets registered on the platform. They have offices in Estonia, Dubai, the Philippines, the United Kingdom, and St. Petersburg.

Does Paxful Work in Ghana?

Most people living in Ghana aren’t totally sure if Paxful works in the country. This might be due to the fact that The company does not have a physical site there. We now live in a digital world and the absence of a physical site doesn’t mean the absence of the company. Paxful just like Prestmit exists in Ghana in a digital space, so the answer to the question is yes, Paxful works in Ghana. As long as you have an internet-enabled device you can trade on the platform from anywhere across the country.

With all this information properly digested let us proceed to list out reasons why Paxful Ghana is safe to buy and sell Bitcoin on.

Reasons why Paxful Ghana is Recommended

1. If Paxful has an escrow feature so does Paxful Ghana

Paxful has an escrow feature so this means the trading parties will not receive payments till they both commit. Paxful acts as the mediator whenever you trade on the platform.

2. They are regulated by OFAC

Also known as the Office of Foreign Asset Control. They are responsible for carrying out economic and trade sanctions on foreigners or Countries doing business in the U.S. This on its own screams out safety.

3. Over 5 million users trust them

Paxful has over 5 million users trading on its platform. They couldn’t have gathered so many users if they weren’t tested and trusted.

Paxful is a trusted crypto trading brand worldwide so have no fear and make that investment today.