Sephora is a retailer of personal care and cosmetic products that sells over 2000 brands. The French multinational also produces Sephora-branded products under its private labels. Skincare, perfumes, body lotions, cosmetics, and other goods are among the company’s offerings. The company’s headquarters are in Paris, France, although it has over 2,600 locations in 34 countries. The company was established in 1970, and it has been operating successfully ever since. The items can be purchased in person or online when shopping at the store. They accept cash, debit cards, and, of course, the Sephora Gift card, just like most businesses.

The most common means of gaining access to Sephora Gift Cards is to buy from the Gift Card market, this is also the same means to sell them when you want to. The real question should be “Where can you trade Sephora Gift Card?”

The Gift Card market is very broad, such that over 1billion dollars worth of Gift Cards is traded annually.

In this article, we will discuss the crucial information about Sephora Gift Card and where they can be sold.

Sephora Gift Card

What Is A Sephora Gift Card 

The Sephora Gift Card is one of the gift cards of great value that you can ever imagine. It’s a pre-paid card used to buy Sephora products both online and in stores, and it’s largely offered by the Sephora company.

This means that you can buy a Sephora Gift Card of any value for no additional costs and use it to make purchases instead of paying with your credit or debit card. Sephora Gift Cards are available in two types: Sephora Physical Cards, which are mailed to the registered address, and Sephora e-Gift Cards, which are emailed to the recipient. Sephora Gift Card is sold in monetary denominations of $5,$10, $25, $50 etc.

Uses Of Sephora Gift Card

The Sephora Gift Card is mostly used to purchase skin care products, body treatments, hair, cosmetics kits, and other beauty products from the Sephora shop, both online and in person.

Sephora Gift Cards can also function as a gift redemption code that may be used to redeem gifts at the Sephora shop when received as gifts from family and friends.

Selling a Sephora Gift Card for cash or bitcoin on a gift card trading platform is a good way to put the gift card into use and make some money from it.

Where To Sell Sephora Gift Card

The Gift Card market is a very large one, such that there are many platforms where you can sell Sephora Gift Cards online. The best platform to sell Sephora Gift Card is one that offers high rates, pays out instantly, is easy to use and yet, offers multiple payout options.

The best place to sell your Sephora Gift Card in Africa is the Prestmit platform. On Prestmit, all you have to do is log in, enter your card information, and you’ll be paid right away in cash(Naira/Cedis), Bitcoin or USDT. Transactions are faster on this platform, and the software is simple to use and dependable across Africa.

The procedures outlined here will ensure a smooth Sephora Gift Card to cash/crypto conversion; 

How To Sell Sephora Gift Card On Prestmit

To successfully sell Sephora Gift Card on Prestmit, the following steps should be taken;

  1. Create an account and log in.
  2. Click on “Start Trade”.
  3. Select ” Sell Gift Card” and simply scroll down the page to fill in the gift card details.
  4. Select “Category” and further select “Sub Category”: This is where you select the Sephora gift card and further specify the subcategory of the Sephora gift card you want to sell. 
  5. Select “AMOUNT”: Enter the total amount of the Sephora gift cards you want to sell. This is calculated by an automated rate calculator according to the current rates.  
  6. Select PAYOUT METHOD: Since you are trading Sephora gift cards for cash, just select Naira or Cedis. The price of the gift card in your chosen currency(Naira or Cedis) will be automatically displayed when you enter the amount. However, the dollar equivalent will be displayed if you choose Bitcoin or USDT.
  7. SEND DIRECTLY: Tick the checkbox that reads “Send Directly To My Bank Account” if you want the money to be sent to your bank account directly. Input your wallet address if you want payments in crypto. Also, remember to select your preferred bank and bank details.
  8. Finally, click “APPLY” and your payment will be sent in a few minutes.

Advantages Of Sephora Gift Card

People don’t just buy Sephora Gift Card for fun, there are several benefits one can derive from the use of Sephora Gift Card which includes the following;

1. Saves Money: 

Buying a Sephora Gift Card will, of course, eliminate any additional fees that would have been incurred if you had used your debit card to shop at the Sephora Store. As a result, Sephora Gift Cards make shopping at the Sephora Store incredibly affordable. You might be able to enjoy a discount if you use a Sephora Gift Card.

2. Can Be Used As a Gift:

There are times when you want to buy a beauty product for a loved one but are unsure which one to get. A Sephora Gift Card is the ideal option right now because it gives them the freedom of choice and a wide range of items to pick from.

3. Purchase Original Product: 

Since using a Sephora Gift Card grants ladies access to the Sephora Store, this simply means that they can shop for the original products of their choice that are sold on Sephora without fear of receiving counterfeit products elsewhere. Sephora has a reputation for selling high-quality, original products.

4. Can Be Converted To Cash Or Cryptocurrency: 

Using a Sephora Gift Card at a Sephora Store may not be to everyone’s taste. Of course, not every lady is interested in cosmetics, but believe me when I say that every woman likes money.

Many of the investors among them are enamoured with the concept of cryptocurrency. As a result, even if customers do not wish to use the Sephora Gift Card to purchase certain Sephora products, they can sell it for cash or cryptocurrency. It doesn’t matter if the Sephora Gift Card has been used previously; as long as there is a credit balance on the card, you can sell it for cash or cryptocurrency online.


Selling Sephora Gift Cards is not such a herculean task, especially in Africa. However, it is pertinent to figure out a good and authentic platform where you can sell the Sephora Gift Card without running the risk of Gift Card scams. Prestmit is the best place to sell any type of Gift Card and get paid instantly.