Sephora is a company dealing in beauty and skincare products all over the world. For easy purchasing of these products in their physical and online stores, Sephora sells Sephora Gift Cards to her customers which they buy to use as a  medium through which they can pay for their Sephora products or sometimes, issued as toots for their patronage.

Given that Sephora is headquartered in Paris, France and has retail stores in a few locations in the world, it is highly impossible to travel to those places to buy Sephora Gift Cards. However, you can still purchase Sephora Gift Cards from anywhere on the planet without even leaving your location. This is the motive for writing this short article

Sephora Gift Card

What is Sephora Gift Card?

A Sephora Gift Card is a prepaid gift card meant to be used to purchase any product at any Sephora Shop, both physical and online. Sephora is a company that largely sells cosmetics, hair, beauty and skincare products such as body cream, cologne, makeup kits, and so on. Sephora Gift Cards are issued by the company for the comfort of purchasing any of the above mentioned items, as well as many others.

Sephora Gift Cards can be physical or e-Gift cards and they can come in varieties of money denominations, they do not expire too.

How To Use Sephora Gift Card

Using Sephora Gift Card is not only limited to the Sephora physical retail and online stores. You can use Sephora Gift Card for several things which of course, are profitable.

  1. Use it to buy Sephora items: You can use your Sephora Gift card to purchase Sephora products listed in the Sephora Stores. Depending on the available balance on the Sephora Gift Card, you can buy anything in the store as long as it does not exceed the card’s credit balance.
  2. Use it to redeem gift items: Let’s assume someone sends you a gift in form of a Sephora gift card, this person just wants you to visit the Sephora Store(physical or online) and redeem your gift of any Sephora product of your choice.
  3. Convert it to Bitcoin: Yes, you heard me right. You can use your Sephora gift card in the best possible way by converting it to crypto. You can trade your Sephora Gift Card for Bitcoin or USDT on the Prestmit platform for a very good rate of return.
  4. Exchange it for Cash: Perhaps you still find the whole crypto world a bit mysterious. You can still trade your Sephora Gift Card for money(Naira and Cedis) on the same platform above. It’s a secure, reliable and easy platform that gives a good rate for all gift cards traded.

Where To Buy Sephora Gift Cards in Nigeria

Although Sephora does not have any of her retail stores located in Nigeria, Nigerians who wish to purchase Sephora Gift Cards can do so in Nigeria. The question running through your mind now is either how or where?

Purchasing Sephora Gift Cards in Nigeria is easier when you want to buy the Sephora e-Gift, this is because the company may not be in a position to ship the physical cards to your address in Nigeria, after purchase. However, Nigerians can purchase Sephora Gift Cards from online platforms like the Sephora Store, Amazon and Walmart, the cards will be sent to the email address registered to the card.