Hash in crypto is the backbone of blockchain technology on which cryptocurrency is built. Hashing is an important process you need to know especially if you’re involved in crypto mining.

It is important to know what hash means in blockchain creation. No doubt, blockchain technology is one of the most innovative and era-defining discoveries of the past century.

To understand how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others work, a hash is one of the terms you need to know.

In this post, we’ll understand what hash means in regards to crypto and how it works. Before then, let’s learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digitally encrypted, decentralized currency that is not linked to or regulated by any government or central bank.

It is based on blockchain technology, which is a distributed ledger framework. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency created which has led to the creation of others alike known as altcoins.

Cryptos are categorized as virtual or digital currencies. They were originally developed to provide an alternative mode of payment for online transactions.

However, cryptocurrencies have not yet been generally adopted or legalized by many nations. They are actually too unreliable to be used as payment methods.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a distributed ledger that is managed by a network of computers. It maintains an exact copy of the database and updates its records by consensus based on pure mathematics.

Blockchain store data in block that are then linked together via cryptography. It can be used to store different types of information but the most common use so far has been as ledger for transactions.

Blockchains and cryptocurrency are part of the most used words in our world today. Although it is known for its role in cryptocurrency system, it has several other functions.

What Does Hash Mean in Cryptocurrency?

A hash is a mathematical function that meets the encrypted demands needed to solve for a blockchain computation.

It is of a fixed length since it makes it nearly impossible to guess the length of the hash if someone was trying to crack the blockchain. The same data will always produce the same hashed value.

The blockchain only contains validated transactions, which prevents fraudulent transactions & double spending of the digital currency. This results in an encrypted value which is a series of numbers and letters that do not resemble the original data known as ”hash”.

Hashing is one way to enable security during the process of message transmission when the message is intended for a particular recipient only.

Because of the features of a hash, they are used extensively in online security—from protecting passwords to detecting data breaches to checking the integrity of a downloaded files.

Hash in Crypto Mining

Crypto mining is the process by which new tokens get put into circulation. This process works with hashing.

Hashing requires processing the data from a block through a mathematical function, which results in an output of a fixed length. Using a fixed-length output increases security.

Solving the hash starts with the data available in the block header and is essentially solving a complex mathematical problem.

Each block header contains a version number, a timestamp & the hash used in the previous block. It also include the hash of Merkle root, the nonce and target hash.

Miners always aim to get rewarded with a cryptocurrency after solving a puzzle where hashing is an important factor. Here, the miner focuses on the nonce, a string of numbers. This number is appended to the hashed contents of the previous block, which is then hashed.

If this new hash is less than or equal to the target hash, then it is accepted as the solution, the miner is given the reward, and the block is added to the blockchain.

How Does Hash Work in Cryptocurrency?

Typical hash functions take inputs of variable lengths to return outputs of a fixed length. This is made possible by a cryptographic hash function. This is a special class of hash functions that has various properties making it ideal for cryptography.

The cryptographic functions have properties which makes it secure. A cryptographic hash function Therefore combines the message-passing capabilities of hash functions with security properties.

Although hash can be solved in polynomial time and considered cryptographically weak, yet they are not easily decipherable.

What are Hashes used for in Cryptocurrency?

Hashes are used in several parts of a blockchain system. They are listed below in no particular order.

  1. Hash ensures that nothing is tampered with while adding a new block.
  2. Cryptocurrency using proof-of-work consensus mechanism such as Bitcoin utilizes hashing of randomly generated numbers. This is done to arrive at a specific hashed value containing a series of leading zeroes.
  3. Hashing makes it difficult for a bad actor to overtake the Blockchain network.

Important Tips about Hashing for Crypto Miners

Here are important things to know if you are taking the route of mining to earn a cryptocurrency.

  1. Solving the hash requires the miner to determine which string to use as the nonce. This requires a significant amount of trial-and-error.
  2.  It is highly unlikely that a miner will successfully come up with the correct nonce on the first try. This means that the miner may potentially test a large number of nonce options before getting it right.
  3. The greater the difficulty—a measure of how hard it is to create a hash that meets the requirement of the target hash.
  4. The longer it is likely to take to generate a solution.

How is a Hash Calculated?

As stated above, hash is a mathematical function so some calculations are to be done. It utilizes complex mathematical algorithms that convert data of arbitrary length to data of fixed length (for instance, 256 characters).

If you change one bit anywhere in the original data, the entire hash value changes. This makes it  useful for verifying the fidelity of digital files and other data.

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