Launched in 2018 as a result of a hard fork between Bitcoin and Zclassic, Bitcoin private is a community-driven cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency was developed by Rhett Creighton, founder of Zclassic.

With the primary goal of integrating the Zclassic privacy feature with Bitcoin’s popularity and flexibility, Bitcoin private is traded in relatively small numbers. As of the time of writing this article, the coin is worth $1.20 with a market cap of about $5.7 million which ranks it as the 1235th-largest cryptocurrency in the world.

Understanding Bitcoin Private

The development of Bitcoin private was intentional towards the fork-merge that stems from the fork from Bitcoin blockchain and a merge with Zclassic.

The design of Bitcoin Private is geared at performing two functions (transactions), which are shielded and transparent transactions. In the area of Bitcoin, sources and destinations of transactions are stored transparently.

Meanwhile, shielded transactions encrypt data in different block areas, thereby subjecting them to verification while posing difficulty for a third party to read.

Shielded Vs. Transparent Transactions In Bitcoin Private

As stated above, Bitcoin Private is characterized by the integration of both transparent and protected transactions. Transparent transactions, follow a flow of the same input, output, amount, and signature rules as Bitcoin.

The blockchain keeps a record of funds’ sources and their destination transparently. But these data are encrypted in the JoinSplit in Shielded transactions.

However, blockchain integrity tends to be maintained when shielded currencies are spent. For every encrypted transfer, a series of calculations are performed, using this method to indicate the addition of input values to output values.

Also, access to the input notes’ private spending keys is verified by the sender, which gives them a spending authorization. Conclusively, the private spending keys of the input notes are in a way linked to a signature that prevents the trade from changing by an unauthorized person.

Bitcoin Vs. Bitcoin Private

The tiny block size and slow block times of Bitcoin have raised concerns in the crypto space following the growing evolution of cryptocurrency. Also, an increase in the number of transactions with a resultant of increased fees and a long time of processing are some of the factors investors take into keen consideration for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin transactions can be easily tracked due to their availability on the blockchain, albeit it was designed to provide users with a lack of identity. But, Bitcoin Private aims to proffer a solution to the problem by harnessing Bitcoin’s protocol with the privacy-rich features of Zclassic. Similar to the supply availability of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Private’s total supply is limited to 21 million.

Community Driven Project For Bitcoin Private

Bitcoin Private is supported by an international, multilingual program. Here, community members are active in promoting Bitcoin Private while helping the community to grow.

Also, the coin has an issuance for any individual, including the newbies to blockchain technology, who wants you to be part of contributing to the project.

Bitcoin Private provides developer training in which anybody can benefit, and as such bringing the figure of the daily contributing team to over 300 people.


Bitcoin Private is a cryptocurrency developed to be maintained by different sets of people. Team members from different parts of the world are seen working assiduously to ensure the success of the project. The coin can serve many purposes, like fast global transactions and local retail purchases.