Since the development of cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin at the fore of the discourse since 2009, the crypto market has had significant growth in value. Cryptocurrencies have been operating in synonymity to physical stocks, such that when they dip in value, they have a rebound with a price increase than the former price.

Today, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have a bullish price, with the price of Bitcoin at about $33,000. This is indeed huge with the prospect of having a remarkable price increase in the future. It is to this end that investors in their numbers the cryptocurrency to invest in it.

However, the crypto space is characterized by a volatile nature, and as such, a lucid knowledge of how cryptocurrency works is very important to stay safe from losing your money. You also need to devote time to understand the best time to invest in cryptocurrency.

But if you don’t have the luxury of time to engage in these market activities, exploring a cryptocurrency faucet is the best option for you.

What Are Cryptocurrency Faucets?

Cryptocurrency faucets sites that reward you with little amounts of cryptocurrency after competing for a simple task. These simple tasks can include playing particular games, solving puzzles, watching videos, watching ads, etc.

In compensation for these tasks you’ve done, you earn a particular amount of cryptocurrency, which is the mini wallet created for you on the site. The earned cryptocurrency will br transferred into your real wallet when the threshold of the mini wallet is reached.

This crypto faucet is deemed convenient and seamless. This can be achieved using your computer or the smartphone, which is more of a daily lifestyle of browsing the internet while you earn some cryptocurrency. Nonetheless, a crypto faucet is considered a side hustle and not an active source of income because only a few dollars are earned after a long time of completing tasks.

Crypto faucets were intentionally created in 2010, to enlighten people on the profitability of Bitcoin and its functions and not as a source of earning cryptocurrency. Billions can not be made using crypto faucets, because some faucets only reward Satoshi.

How Crypto Faucets Work

Crypto faucets are direct in their operation. You just need to register an interest in any activity you want to engage in and the crypto faucet rewards you with cryptocurrency. You should know that you are not earning this cryptocurrency directly, instead, it is transferred to your mini wallet available on that website.

Every mini wallet has a capacity of cryptocurrency it can hold and the whole cryptocurrency is directly transferred to your real crypto wallet after the threshold condition has been met.

Taking how Bitcoin, for instance, a Bitcoin faucet is a crypto faucet using Bitcoin as its cryptocurrency. You always earn the units of Bitcoin, that is, Satoshi, which is an approximate 1/100 millionth part of one BTC. So, Satoshis are transferred to your mini wallet and later to your real crypto wallet when the threshold has been reached.

Also, there are other crypto faucets, like Bitcoin Cash faucet, Ethereum faucet, etc.


Depending on your stance and then its understanding, crypto faucets can either be a blessing or a frolicking. To achieve the rewards of crypto faucets, you must be patient and consistent with your assignments (tasks).