Airtel is one of the major telecommunication companies in Nigeria, with over 50 million active subscribers that use the mobile network to make calls, send text messages, or create data subscriptions. Therefore, this is why it is important to understand how its USSD recharge code works for all its users in Nigeria.

Airtel USSD recharge code

For a better understanding, what is USSD? USSD, which is an acronym for ‘Unstructured Supplementary Service Data’, is a quick code that acts as a channel for mobile phone and computer software for a service-providing company to send and receive text messages. It usually starts with an asterisk (*) and ends with a hash sign (#).

But in this context, we are looking at the USSD recharge code, which is a code that enables you to make airtime recharge on your mobile device. It is important to note that the USSD recharge code varies with a network; as such, the recharge code for Airtel is different from that of MTN, different from the code used by Glo, and whatnot.

USSD recharge codes in Nigeria are always “*(3-digit number)*,” and no one can alter this code because the telecommunication company has already trademarked it. For instance, when I want to recharge an MTN card, I’m sure to use “*556*” as the USSD code for the MTN network. So I can not use this same USSD recharge code for Glo; it will not work.

Therefore, this article is to discuss how to use the USSD recharge code to load Airtel cards in Nigeria and how also to check the airtel card balance.

What Is Airtel Card?

USSD code for Airtel card recharge


Airtel card is a recharge that comprises a 16-digit PIN to enable you to make an airtime recharge on your mobile device. When you do not enter the PIN correctly or the PIN is incomplete, your recharge will not be activated, as they are unique numbers that are designed serial numbers that can only be used once.

The Airtel card can be likened to gift cards, as they have PINs that can only be redeemed once and are not transferable. So you can not use your Airtel card more than once because it is deemed used when there has been a recharge from its PIN.

Airtel card comes in the denominations of NGN 100, NGN 200, NGN 500, and NGN 1,000. This is also similar to what we have on different gift cards. For instance, Google Play gift cards in denominations of $10, $25, $50, $100, etc. So when you think about how Airtel card works, think of how you redeem gift cards.

Benefits Of Using Airtel Card

1. Exchange For Cash

You can use the Airtel card exchange for cash when you need it. What this means is that when you have an Airtel card, and you have some money to settle some bills, you can sell the airtime for cash. At this juncture, consider Prestmit as the platform to exchange your airtime for cash. We hold our reputation as one of the best platforms that exchange airtime for cash in Nigeria at the best rates.

2. Get Airtime

You automatically recharge your mobile device with an Airtel airtime when you recharge an Airtel card. This enables you to make calls and send text messages at your convenience. The Airtel airtime is like a car’s fuel that propels you to different possibilities.

3. Get A Data Subscription

You are open to different data bundles when you recharge your Airtel card, as the denomination of the card you renew is a function of how many bytes of data you will get to access the internet.

How To Check Airtel Card Balance

The USSD code for Airtel Nigeria varies, depending on what you want to do. When you want to check your Airtel card balance, dial “*123#,” and the screen of your mobile device will display your Airtel card balance.

It is noteworthy that only active Airtel subscribers can check their card balance because having an Airtel Sim card is the prerequisite to doing this activity. Therefore, an MTN subscriber can not contain their Airtel card on his MTN number.

This is also similar to how gift cards work. You can not check your Google Play gift card balance on Apple Store, as you can’t also check your iTunes gift card balance on Google Play Store.

How To Recharge Airtel Card Using USSD Code

USSD code for Airtel card recharge

The step to recharging an Airtel card with a USSD code is straightforward. Airtel Nigeria recharge card PIN has 16 digits, and its USSD code for recharge is “*126*” The 16-digit PIN are in four patches, with four digits per patch. This means that the 16-digit PIN is spaced to enable clarity of recharge.

For instance, the 16-digit PIN appears in this form 0000 0000 0000 0000. So when you have NGN 1,000 Airtel card with the PIN 1234 5678 9001 0123. Dial *126*1234567890010123#. This NGN 1,000 airtime will be added to your Airtel balance.

Also, note that you can only recharge your Airtel card on an Airtel Sim card and not any other network Sim card. Just as our typical example, you can only redeem your Google Play gift card on Google Play Store and not on iTunes Store or Steam Store.


Using a USSD code to recharge your Airtel card is easy if you understand the codes. When you want to use the USSD code to recharge your Airtel card, dial “*126″(your Airtel PIN)#”, and you are good to go. So, yes, it is this simple!

Therefore, the USSD recharge code enables you to access different opportunities for airtime or data that you can use at your prerogative.