In most cases, new cryptocurrency investors are faced with the challenge of some ambiguities that are related to different cryptocurrencies that appears the same. For example, Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are of different quoted prices, the narrative that is similar to Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. But with time and space, crypto traders come to terms with the nuances of cryptocurrencies.

What led to this similar nomenclature is the culmination of the split of the cryptocurrencies into two. This is the spin-off of the companies trying to have a separate crypto entity. So in the crypto space, the act of splitting a cryptocurrency into two entities is referred to as a fork.

What Are Cryptocurrency Forks?

The term “fork” being used im cryptocurrency is analogous to the fork that is usually present on roads. In layman terms, a fork is a major road that diverges into two roads. Therefore, a fork in cryptocurrency is a time and space when a single cryptocurrency solid up into two separate currencies.

To date, there is a good understanding that surrounds coin mining and its regulation by communities. communities do have divergent opinions on the fundamental features of the coin being mined. But even at that, the community can have reconciliation on the rules, thereby starting operation as one unit.

Also, it is crucial to stay woke to the realization that a cryptocurrency can end up having a fork multiple times. Nonetheless, these separate forks can later merge into a single currency. It is to this end that there are multiple versions of the same cryptocurrency being traded in the crypto markets as they are subjected to change. The likes of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Gold are the offshoots of a mother currency.

Types Of Cryptocurrency Forks

There are two main types of cryptocurrency forks, namely, accidental fork and intentional fork.

1. Accidental Fork

This type of fork is suggestive of its name. It comes with no intention by the mining community. The accidental fork happens during the mining process, hence posing difficulty in the unique identification of who mined a block. In some instances, two or more miners can mine a block at the same point in time. An accidental fork is largely not a concern to many investors because it is solved by cryptocurrency.

2. Intentional Forks

Intentional forks are formed from the deliberate split of cryptocurrency caused by disagreement. Intentional forks comprise hard forks and soft forks. However, the impact on the financial valuation of the underlying cryptocurrency is a function of the nature of the fork.


Cryptocurrency forks are pivotal in piloting cryptocurrencies to wild value fluctuations. Although they don’t occur often, they are capable of causing huge volatility in the market value of the currencies when the occurrence is frequent.