Whether you utilise gift cards or not, it is always a good idea to keep your choices open. Knowing what they are and how to use them can benefit you enormously if you need to utilise them in the future.

A gift card is similar to a debit card in that it may be loaded with a certain amount of money and used to make purchases up to that amount. In this article, we will discuss the top online shopping gift cards and how you may make the most of them to get the items you desire.

Types Of Online Shopping Gift Cards

Not all online shopping gift cards are identical or operate similarly, even if they all serve a comparable function. Do not be deceived: there is a great deal of variation, and you must understand the fundamental distinctions between them to use them effectively. In this part, we shall discuss these distinctions.

Based On Acceptance

There are two types of online shopping gift cards in this category –open-loop and closed-loop.

1. Open Loop

The notion of open-looped cards is essentially universally understood. It is equivalent to a credit or debit card, such as Visa or Mastercard, and may be used to make purchases at nearly all locations. These are typical pre-paid cards.

2. Closed Loop

A single merchant often issues closed-loop cards, such as the membership or discount card offered by your local supermarket. Consequently, their loops are closed, as you cannot use them elsewhere. They include a fixed amount of money you can use to purchase goods. These are the most incredible gift cards for online shopping and make fantastic presents.

Based On Their Ability To Reload

1. When certain cards run out of cash, they can be recharged with new funds and continue functioning. These are standard open-loop cards.

2. Similar to many closed-loop cards, other cards can not be reloaded.

Based On The Issuer

Broadly, a plethora of providers can issue online shopping gift cards.

1. Bank-issued cards like Mastercard and Visa enable transactions across the globe.

2. A company issues the second kind and can only be used within its borders. Bank cards don’t have to worry about this. You can only use cards given out by companies in stores they own or stores owned by their partners. On the plus side, unlike bank cards, you don’t have to pay an activation fee to use them.

Top Gift Cards For Online Shopping

1. eBay Gift Card

The eBay gift card is the eBay platform’s native card. It is a hybrid card which is available physically and online. It enables it to offer payment options on the eBay site.

If you have an eBay gift card, you can shop at the eBay store. It even allows you to buy other gift cards in the store with different amounts. With an eBay gift card, you can buy things worth millions of dollars in many different categories, like electronics, motors, toys, clothing, collectables, and so on. On the PayPal platform, you can also use it to pay for goods. The eBay gift card, on the other hand, can only be used on eBay.

eBay gift cards come in two kinds – the physical gift card and the ecode. The card nominations range from $25–$200, and it does not expire.

2. Sephora Gift Card

You can buy anything in the store with a Sephora gift card. People who love to shop and give gifts often choose Sephora gift cards. Customers can choose their favourite products at Sephora, which makes it easier for them to shop for their favourite beauty products.

The card denominations include $25, $50, $100, $500, etc. You can buy many things with a Sephora gift card, like makeup, skincare, cosmetics, and tools.

Sephora gift cards are sold and given out by the Sephora Company. They show their appreciation for customers by giving them gift cards as an alternative to buying goods. You can purchase gift cards for Sephora at places like Walmart and CVS pharmacy.

There are two kinds of Sephora cards: E-codes and physical cards. People sometimes call Sephora gift cards Sephora credit cards because they have a sealed PIN code on the back of the card. However, the gift card is exclusively used for online shopping in the United States and Canada with no expiration.

3. Nike Gift Cards

Nike is one of the most recognisable brands in the world. Nike gift cards are ideal for exhilarating, motivating, and inspiring everyone on your team, from sports fanatics to fashionistas, from athletes to achievers.

Nike gift cards are redeemable for items at Nike.com and other affiliate sites, in addition to hundreds of Nike-owned retail locations worldwide.

You may also use Nike gift cards at nike.com/nikebyyou, where you can personalise Nike sneakers with the colors and features you desire to reflect your style. Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or fit in with your team, there are options. It depends on you.

With the Nike gift card having a range of denominations from $25 to $500, it does not expire and cannot be used to buy other gift cards.

4. Starbucks Gift Card

The Starbucks gift card is a digital or physical card that the recipient may redeem in-store and use at any time for Starbucks code redemption. If you want to offer it as a present to someone special and you want to personalise it, you may pick the eGift creating option, add a personal message and the amount you like to donate, input the recipient’s email address, and send it directly to them.

You can use your Starbucks card to buy anything at any Starbucks that accept it. You can, for example, purchase retail coffee, drinks, food, ready-to-eat food, drinks, and other goods. You can never turn the value of a Starbucks gift card into cash. The card denomination is between $10 and $100.

5. Microsoft Gift Card

A Microsoft gift card is a gift card that you may use to pay for Microsoft Store purchases. The gift card will contain a unique code that you may use to check the card’s balance, and you can only use each gift card once.

These gift cards are for individuals who cannot utilise other payment methods, such as credit or debit cards, to make purchases. However, this gift card eliminates the need for any other payment option.

The card denomination ranges from $1 to $100 and can not be used to buy Microsoft 365.

How To Use Gift Cards For Online Shopping

1. Choose A Gift Card

Before you can buy a card, you have to choose one. Choose one of the five gift cards above or research to find the best one for your needs.

2. Choose A Delivery Option

If purchasing a physical gift card, you must select a delivery option. Every service provider gives at least a few alternatives, and you should choose the one that best accommodates your schedule. You may have things delivered more rapidly for a fee, so consider your needs carefully.

3. Complete Checkout

Pay for the card and finalise your purchase after selecting all available choices. Your card will be delivered shortly.

4. Redeem The Gift Card

For online shopping, each service has a different way of using a gift card. When you buy things in person, you show the card or, if it’s digital, the card number. The cashier will handle everything else. If you buy something online, you must give the card number at checkout, and the site will adjust the amount as needed. In the end, it’s not too hard to understand.


Gift cards are a great idea that has caught on with many people. Using gift cards to shop online or give gifts is a safe way to manage money or give personalised gifts. You can use them for more than one thing, and you can get a lot of use out of them if you want a fun way to pay that isn’t cash.