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Top Bitcoin News This Week

Bitcoin is not slowing down in taking over our world despite the ups and downs in the path to attain greater status. Bitcoin still remains the number one and largest cryptocurrency in the world.

As of today, January 16, 2022, it has a price of $43,385.26 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $18,258,715,684 USD. It has a market capitalization of $821,335,005,215 USD.

Bitcoin News

In this post, we’ll look at the major things that happened in the world of Bitcoin this week (January 9th-16th 2022).

Trending Bitcoin News This Week

These are some of the trending news about Bitcoin in the past week. They are mentioned below;

1. Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) seeks to block cryptocurrency websites

The government of Pakistan is taking a step to alter the growth of Bitcoin and other digital assets. This is coming after a meeting the FIA had with the State Bank of Pakistan which recently recommended a complete ban on crypto in the country. According to the FIA director-general, crypto is said to have given a new dimension to fraud.

2. Bitcoin’s hashrate reaches all-time high

BTC’s hashrate has been riding high again as the processing power tapped another lifetime on January 15, 2022, reaching 219.68 exaharsh per second. This breaks the earlier record set in the first day of the year when the network’s hashrate tapped 219.5 EH/S.

3. Kingdom of Tonga may adopt BTC as legal tender

A former member of Tonga’s parliament, Lord Fusitu’a, says the kingdom may adopt Bitcoin as a legal tender. This is made known via a tweet on January 11, 2022. Fusitu’a believes that by next fall a bill which will be passed by Tonga’s parliament and could be legal tender in the region by November.

4. Bitcoin mining firm launches ASIC trading desk

A top bitcoin mining operation, Luxor, has announced the launch of a new application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) trading desk. According to Luxor, the latest trading desk will give miners and investors access to bitcoin ASIC mining rigs ‘at a fair market price’.

5. First ever space crash game launched on game

Space cash game is a type of casino gaming that allow players to place bets on how high the market will go and hop off at the right time to cashout up to 10000x their bet amount. Crash games have found a niche spot among Bitcoin enthusiasts. This game resembles the nature of crypto charts and the thumb-rule of getting out at the right time before the market crashes.

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