Crypto staking is a way to earn profit or rewards without having to sell your digital assets. It is possible to put your coins to work and make an income that is passive while still owning them.

A passive income stream from your cryptocurrencies can help put things into perspective, so long as you still own them.

In this article, we will highlight 7 top staking coins with the highest Annual Percentage Yield (APY) in 2022. In addition, we will explain the concept of staking in detail and identify the best platforms for this purpose in the market today.

Best Tokens With The Highest APY In 2022

Although a plethora of cryptocurrencies can be used to earn the rewards from staking, here are the best staking coins with the highest APY in 2022, in terms of their market viability.

1. Lucky Block – Top Staking Coin in 2022

2. Ethereum – Best Staking Coin for Long-Term Investment

3. Cardano – Top Sustainable Staking Coin

4. Uniswap – Best Decentralized Staking Coin

5. Solana – Top Staking Coin with Long-Term Growth

6. Polkadot – Staking Coin with NPoS Algorithm

7. Polygon – Staking Coin for High APY

To find out why these digital assets made our list of the best staking tokens keep reading this article. You’ll also learn how to earn from staking tokens with high APY.

We will show how to buy tokens from various DeFi trading platforms and begin to stake them for low fees.

1. Lucky Block: Top Staking Coin in 2022

Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Lucky Block is still a newcomer to the market. As a result, even though this is not exactly a staking token, it is an interest-bearing token that serves the same purpose.

To win and earn more APY, you stand more chances of winning with the function of the amount of Lucky Block tokens you own.

The lottery games offered by Lucky Block are random, credible, and transparent thanks to the use of smart contracts.

This is done to prevent any mistakes from occurring. Due to its extensive presence in the online gaming industry, Lucky Block is expected to do exceptionally well in the lottery business.

2. Ethereum: Best Staking Coin For Long-Term Investment

This fast-expanding Ethereum ecosystem continues to entice both developers and investors.

Coinbase initially used a consensus algorithm that relied on proof-of-work.

To verify any transactions, computers had to perform a series of complicated and time-consuming procedures that required significant amounts of energy and time.

It is now possible to earn passive income by staking Ethereum, thanks to a recent development upgrade that switched it to the PoS method.

Several conditions must be met before you can begin to stake Ethereum on your own. One of the most important of these is the requirement to deposit 32 ETH coins.

Staking your Ethereum coins in a pool is the quickest and most straightforward solution. What this means in simple terms is lending tokens to other validators. You can save a lot of ETH by doing this instead of making a large initial investment.

The payouts you receive will be determined by your choice of staking platform and the length of time you choose to lock in your coins.

3. Cardano: Top Sustainable Staking Coin

Cardano is one of the proof-of-stake (PoS) currencies, which aims to be scalable and long-lasting, are popular today. To differentiate itself from other digital assets, the network aims to reduce the amount of energy needed to mine Bitcoin.

The value of this digital asset has increased by more than 4,500 percent since it entered the crypto market. For further growth in the future, Cardano is well-positioned with its smart contract facility.

Staking platforms like EToro list Cardano because of its growing popularity. As a result, you may find that the interest rate offered varies greatly from one lender to the next.

4. Uniswap: Best Decentralized Staking Coin

Uniswap is one of the best DeFi coins to stake, so it’s worth your time to look into. A quarter of all Ethereum network transactions are handled by the uniswap service every day. One of the best investments for 2022 is Uniswap V3, which has reduced transaction fees even more. ‘

Cryptocurrency staking is preferred by investors who prefer to remain passive. For this reason, Uniswap is expected to be one of the most undervalued coins by 2022. So, you can benefit from rising UNI coin values as well as have an impact on the network’s operations.

It is possible to earn rewards by depositing your tokens into staking platforms, where you can stake your UNI coins and get rewarded. In contrast to staking on the Uniswap network, third-party providers enable the withdrawal of your tokens your prerogative.

5. Solana: Top Staking Coin With Long-Term Growth

Solana is a DeFi token characterized by scalability. The blockchain enables fast transactions at a low fee – which subsequently boosted its market performance in 2021. The price of Solana went from around $18 to over $100 in just one year.

Solana retains its pace of momentum in value amongst other developers, albeit its value dropped in early 2022. When you stake this crypto asset, you can expect annual returns in the range of 7 to 11%, depending on the platform you choose.

For those who don’t want to risk losing their Solana coins, there are two options: You can either transfer them to a staking-enabled wallet or deposit them into a crypto interest account.

6. Polkadot: Staking Coin with NPoS Algorithm

Polkadot uses a nominated proof-of-stake mechanism instead of the traditional PoS consensus. As a show of faith, nominators back multiple validators in this system. To put it another way, a malicious validator can cost you money.

For this reason, many investors prefer to be nominators or deposit their funds into stake pools rather than become delegators for Polkadot. Polkadot’s token rewards are also quite lucrative. There’s a reason for this, and it has nothing to do with the stakes involved.

On staking platforms, you can get an APY of up to 14.5 percent on the Polkadot platform. Polkadot appears to have strong growth potential because it allows developers to link blockchains and even create new protocols, which could lead to significant capital gains.

7. Polygon: Staking Coin for High APY

Ethereum’s scalability was bolstered by the creation of Polygon, a new cryptocurrency. To facilitate interoperability, this blockchain is designed to work with Ethereum-based applications. This digital coin is also a good long-term investment option. Since last year, Polygon’s token price has risen by more than 350 percent.

For validators, Polygon is also one of the best options. Only one MATIC token is needed to participate in the network, and at least two are needed to begin staking. As an alternative to becoming a Polygon validator yourself, you can also use staking platforms to generate attractive returns.

As of the time of this writing, holders of Polygon tokens for three months or longer can earn an annual percentage yield (APY) of 10% on their investment with Crypto.


Staking your cryptocurrencies allows you to earn a steady stream of income without having to sell your assets.

We hope this list of the top 10 best coins for 2022 will help you in your search.