Sell Gift Cards

Finding a secure platform to sell gift cards in Ghana can be tricky for a novice. How do you know which one sells at the best rate? How do you know which one is easier to use, and at what speed do they deliver? Questions, questions, questions. Questions that will be answered in this post.

If you have a gift card that you aren’t going to redeem, the only option left is to sell it. When picking a website or app to trade on, there are factors you should look out for. These factors will aid you to determine how reliable a platform can be before you trade.

Factors to Look Out for Before You Sell Gift Cards For Cedis GHS

Finding a website to sell your gift card on is as easy as asking Google but the real “flex” is fishing out the reliable ones through the crowd of options. The following are factors you should look out for before trading on a site.

1. The Rates

You are looking to sell your gift card for money so why not get the maximum amount? When choosing a platform to trade on you should compare rates between sites. You would realize that there are platforms where you can sell at higher rates than others

2. Usability of the platform

This will be easy for you to figure out on your own. If the site design isn’t easy to understand this can make your user experience unpleasant.

3. The speed of transaction

Some platforms transact business in a matter of minutes. Instead of waiting for hours or even days to get payment, you should settle for a platform that offers to pay in the shortest time.

4. Physical Office

Platforms with a physical office should be more trustworthy as you can always locate them if anything goes wrong.

You can only find out some of these factors after using the platforms. Due to this fact, here are the top 5 platforms to sell your gift cards on.

Top 5 Platforms to Sell Gift Cards in Ghana

1. Prestmit

Prestmist ticks all the boxes. Their rates are the most competitive out there. The site/app is easy to use. It has a physical office and transactions normally take 5 minutes to get done. You can also check current rates on this platform and they operate on both web and app forms.

2. Climax Cardings

This is a peer-to-peer platform. What that means is that it links buyers to sellers. So it is reliable and safe to trade on this platform.

3. Walmart Cardings

Walmart Cardings is a subsidiary of the popular Walmart stores in the USA. The brand name alone is tested and trusted so selling on this platform is safe.

4. Astro Africa

You can sell Amazon gift cards, Google Playstore gift cards, and a whole lot more on this platform. The speed of transactions on this platform is satisfactory.


If you want privacy, speed, and protection of your asset and funds, is where you need to trade on. You can trade with them, wherever and at whatever time you want to.

Now you know 5 sites you can feel free to sell on. Feel free to trade with any of them.