Do you have a passion for crypto and you want to learn more about cryptocurrency? The greatest place to begin your study is YouTube.

People always say that there’s nothing hidden from Youtube and this has proven to be true since we discovered these Youtube channels that can change your view about cryptocurrency for good. 

Cryptocurrency trading is not a simple ball game, it requires lots of tactics and dedication. Once you’ve entered the crypto market, you’ll need to keep up with industry trends and update your knowledge. This is where the need for a channel which can offer you the basic, intermediate and professional knowledge of the crypto market comes in.

For the best crypto experience which of course, includes a profitable l crypto trading, then one needs to be updated through at least one or two Youtube channels. 

The 10  best crypto channels you can subscribe to and get good and updated information from are listed below.

Top 10 Best Crypto Youtube Channels

1. Aantonop: 

Aantonop is one of the legitimate Youtube channels out there that one can reckon with. This channel mainly offers free neutral educational videos about Bitcoin and the open blockchain network as a whole.

Assuming you were born today and you have no clue about crypto, Aantonop is a channel that can put you through all there is to it.

The Youtube channel owner, Andreas M. Antonopoulos is a best-selling author, lecturer, and cryptocurrency and blockchain specialist. 

He is also an expert in cryptography and the fact that he’s a lecturer contributes to why he knows how to explain things so that others can comprehend them. 

In his videos, he discusses all of the benefits and drawbacks of working with cryptos, as well as how they will affect world finance in a few years to come.

He aims to reach hundreds of thousands of people with whom he can share his knowledge because there are only a few fractions of the populace who understands crypto.

Andreas also released technical books including Mastering Bitcoin, Mastering Ethereum, etc. 

2. Ivan On Tech:

Ivan is a popular crypto channel on YouTube, founded by Swedish Youtuber Ivan Liljeqvist. Ivan specialises in the examination of the technical aspects of cryptography and presents them as simple as possible. The well-researched content he offers has earned him the honour of one of the most famous crypto Youtubers. 

Ivan is many things which include a data scientist, blockchain consultant, software engineer, and worldwide speaker.

His Youtube channel, “Ivan on Tech” has a diversity of series and programs that appeal to different audiences at different times.

“Good morning crypto” is the most recent series on his Youtube channel, where he streams live and discusses crypto-related topics.

3. Crypto Daily:

Crypto Daily is a cryptocurrency-related educational YouTube program.  Since the launching of this Youtube channel, the channel owner, Cameron, has been doing weekly videos about cryptocurrency.

Cameron is now a crypto specialist who enjoys digging deeper for any detail that may be hidden in the crypto world. He collects and studies every bit of news he can discover regarding Bitcoins and other cryptos. 

He uploads the video to his channel once he had accumulated the necessary amount of facts.  His channel is a completely free instructional channel where you can learn anything. Crypto Daily currently has over 150K subscribers all over the world, featuring over 450 videos and regular updates.

4. The Crypto Lark:

The Crypto Lark is the best channel to visit if you want to learn how to trade cryptocurrency on YouTube. The channel is the best in the market at offering an online tutorial on how to comprehend cryptocurrencies and how to invest in them.

Lark, who is the author of the channel,  has extensive experience in stock markets and cryptocurrency which gave him the leverage to provide insight from a knowledgeable perspective. His experience in political science also helps to provide accurate analysis in times of political instability.

There are various explanatory videos on the channel, as well as interviews with industry experts.

5. Boxmining:

Boxmining is another instructional YouTube channel you will like. It is dedicated entirely to offering high-quality crypto-related content. This channel discusses the most recent market developments and educates viewers about the most important facts. The author does not believe in complex tutorials, as such, he provides short, easy-to-understand videos. According to his biography, he owns and operates a cryptocurrency brokerage. 

This channel is growing every week, with over 200K subscribers.

6. Young and Investing:

Young and Investing is a recently launched cryptocurrency teaching YouTube channel.  Just like the name sounds, his channel was created by the author Quinten to reach out to teenagers who wanted to start planning their future at an early age in the world of crypto and blockchain. The audience for this channel is primarily meant for Ethereum and those interested in Ethereum. 

Currently, the state of the Bitcoin market is an unclear one, hence more people are trading Ethereum due to its overpriced state. 

Quinten is a seasoned expert with extensive knowledge of the cryptocurrency sector. For this reason, his videos provide correct and reliable information. The channel currently has around 60 thousand subscribers.

7. Box Weir:

Bix Weir, nicknamed RoadtoRoota, had long been in the crypto world before the prime of cryptocurrency. He started a very small YouTube channel as far back as  2010. He had uploaded hundreds of videos to this channel each year since then. 

We can’t afford to include his Youtube channel on this list because the information it provided about cryptos was extremely refined. He had curated several videos on cryptos, including how to understand them, how to get them, and how to invest in them. He also collaborated with the Clif High YouTube channel on videos. 

Bix Weir is an expert in data mining and the silver market. Using his YouTube channel as a medium, he has been sharing important information about why people should pay attention to crypto and what the meaning of the “Silver-based economy” concept is.

This channel currently has over 70 thousand subscribers.

8. Data Dash:

There’s no doubt that Data Dash is one of the most subscribed Youtube crypto channels abd this could be traced to its in-depth and illuminating information.

Nicholas Merten, the owner, has never relented in publishing high-quality material on crypto trading ideas, and technical analysis of the market. He also publishes videos of various financial products on the channel.

Merten is not just a Youtuber and a crypto instructor, he is also the founder of Project Genesis which is an open-source framework for creating new blockchain projects. For more information on crypto trading and analysis, you can follow him on Twitter.

9. Boss Of Bitcoin Youtube:

Brandon Kelly, MBA, who is a rare-find engineer created the greatest statistical forecasting system in the world has a Youtube channel that has offered an in-depth understanding of cryptos and their complications for over five years. 

He is an author of “The Boss Method” which has enabled tens of thousands of people to earn from swing trading in the cryptocurrency markets by leveraging the infinite repetition of fractals, sacred geometry, astrology, numerology, and simple forex methodology. 

He also owns a cryptocurrency trading platform that harbours over 50,000 member from more than 100 countries of the world.

He freely offers these knowledge and experience he had obtained from his years of profession on his Youtube channel. Currently, the exact number of subscribers of his channel is unknown.

10. Coin Bureau:

We can say Coin Bureau is one of  the best channels for fundamental analysis because it’s an excellent resource for learning crypto which is not created based on public hype but on quality content. 

This Youtube channel objectively examines crypto projects before it delivers clear and unbiased news.

This is why Coin Bureau is the best channel for people seeking long-term crypto investment knowledge.


It’s crucial to remember that there are numerous cryptocurrency Youtube channels. You may be rest guaranteed that the crypto Youtubers on our top 10 list can teach you a lot. These experts are experts in blockchain, chart analysis, cryptocurrency news, and cryptocurrency trading.