The crypto market is a complex setting of many cryptocurrency pairs whose behaviours are largely unpredictable. Therefore, reading cryptocurrency charts and  trading cryptocurrency pairs are skills which require all necessary information and analysis (both fundamental and technical) to be a successful and profitable one

For many crypto traders and investors, their leverage on the crypto market is information. With the right information, one can easily make a good choice or a choice that may be close to a good one. However, due to the abundant information available, which is very misleading and erroneous, beginner crypto investors and traders have a hard time grasping the rudiments of the cryptoverse which further causes them lots of confusion.

A good way to evade this challenge of abundant deceptive information is to filter out the correct ones from the misleading ones. This is why crypto traders need to join groups that share legit information about the conditions of the market, one of such groups is Telegram channels.

By joining Telegram groups that share real-time price alerts and trading signals, they can keep up with the market trend, learn new strategies and place trades successfully.

In this article, we will discuss the top 10 best crypto telegram channels to join in 2022.

Crypto Telegram Channels

Top 10 Crypto Telegram Groups To Join In 2022


This is a good crypto Telegram channels you can join to get free trading signals. It utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze market data. However, artificial intelligence does not erode the expertise of the team that executes both fundamental and technical analysis for the best result. Telegram group updates subscribers on the daily trending crypto news. With more than 50k subscribers on its Telegram group, signals offered on the free channel are limited to a maximum of five.

The VIP channel which is for serious traders who are willing to pay for the signals sends about five signals daily and the subscription plan is about $45 monthly.

2. Learn2Trade:

Learn2Trade is another reputable Telegram group which offers free and paid trade signals, daily technical analysis and live alerts on important events.

Members of the free group get about three signals per week while the paid channel offers more signals and also weekly webinars.

Learn2Trade uses over 90 indicators for technical analysis and it claims to have a trading signal accuracy of 76%. Joining the VIP channel costs about £40 or $53 a month.

3. B2C/Jacob Bury:

This is a Business2Community which advertises high content from tech experts and experienced investors, it also offers many services like software reviews and investment guides.

It also has a telegram group where crypto news is delivered to its subscribers. Other services which subscribers stand to gain from the channel are; a general analysis of the cryptocurrencies on the verge of being launched, and price predictions of various tokens.

Due to the abundant information on its B2C group, investors may join them to discover the best upcoming ICO and the new DEX listings. When the digital token Tamadage took the crypto world by storm, it was among the Telegram groups that gave good review about Tamadage.

A major contributor to this Telegram channel is Jacob Bury. He’s a crypto  YouTuber and crypto influencer with over 7k Youtube subscribers.

4. ICO Analytics:

This is one of the best crypto Telegram groups to join if you’re interested in learning about new digital tokens listed on the market.

ICO Analytics provides valuable information about new coin listings, and crypto ICOs and sends notifications after an announcement of a new coin was made. This puts members at an advantage in making early purchases of a new coin.

Also, ICO Analytics gives an insight into the cryptocurrencies that have the potential of exploding, hence, members can make a decision speedily. 

5. NFT Signals:

NFT Signals is one of the best Telegram groups to get the unbiased and latest information on NFTs.

Just like cryptocurrencies, new NFTs keep surfacing on the market daily and the news about them is not often aired enough by the  media.

Investors always struggle to get legit information that will help them buy the best NFTs but this Telegram group gives signals for investing in NFTs.

Traders get more than five trading signals a week which are used for both short and long-term trading from the NFT Signals Telegram group.

The VIP Telegram group costs £50 per month or $55 but signals are also sent to the free group, though they are lower than the VIP group.

6. WOLFX Signals:

WOLFX Signals is a Telegram group best suitable for short-term traders. Remember that the signal that worked for a short-term trader may not work for a long-term trader, hence, traders should consider the type of trading strategy a channel employs while searching for groups to join.

WOLFX Signals sends two to five signals daily for only short-term positions, through Telegram real-time alerts to avoid any delay.

However, this channel offers consent for auto trading using its signals.

WOLFX Signals VIP group is expensive compared to other channels and it costs about $89 per month. Though there is room for free signals, they are lower than the VIP signals.

7. Coin Bureau Insider:

Coin Bureau is popularly known as a YouTube channel with over 2 million subscribers but due to the intricacies of running a YouTube channel, it uses its Telegram channel to publish market news and analysis.

The channel shares a daily roundup of hot headlines in the crypto industry and not excluding price predictions of various crypto coins and some economic news that may hamper the growth of some potential cryptocurrencies.

In summary, this Telegram channel focuses on updating its members about the crypto space, and it’s free to join.

8. Whale Alert:

This Telegram group uses a bot to track huge transactions that can shift the market direction and influence the price of a cryptocurrency. The bot will send an alert to the Telegram group when such a transaction is identified and investors will act accordingly.

How will investors act accordingly?

If the bot alerts that a high transaction is going on in an exchange, it could be an indication that they are selling.

However, if the transaction is coming from a crypto exchange to a private wallet, it means that a possible big purchase has been completed. Having this information, there’s a prediction that the price of such a coin is going up or down.

Whale Alert Telegram group is free, there’s no payment of any sort.

9. DeFi Million:

DeFi Million is a Telegram group of more than 140k subscribers tailored toward the Decentralized Finance market. 

The platform sends market news and alerts about new coin listed on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) and reviews new apps and new platforms in the DeFi sector.

In summary, DeFi Million is a channel that provides all crucial information about the DeFi sector to its subscribers.

10. 100eyes Crypto Scanner:

100eyes Crypto Scanner is a good Telegram group that uses a trading bot to track the price movement of cryptocurrencies.

Through the use of some technical indicators like Fibonacci Retracements, RSI Divergences etc, it identifies the trends in prices, making the scanner send an alert when there is a sudden change in price within a set timeframe.

The scanner is customizable to fit into each trader’s strategy and traders must be members of the VIP Telegram group to have access to the alerts.

However, there’s a provision for  24 hours free trial on the platform which gives traders a chance to explore the scanner.


There are so many other crypto Telegram channels that provide useful information, analysis and insight about the crypto world in general.

With the abundant information given out in these channels daily, new crypto traders and investors will surely get a good knowledge of the industry and also be able to place successful trades.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is solely the author’s opinion and not financial or investment advice. Kindly make your research before taking any decision.