This Week In View: Most Important Altcoins Headlines This Week

Altcoins were all over the headlines in the Cryptocurrency industry this week. These cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin got investors and crypto-traders talking with their latest developments.

Altcoins such as Ethereum and Shiba Inu made the headlines this week with their current rates. Dogecoins and some other tokens were also under the radar over the week.

Altcoins headline

Here are Top 5 Altcoins Headlines This Week

Shiba Inu Price Prediction as SHIB Enters Distribution Phase

The Shiba Inu coin price stalled as it enters its distribution phase. The coin is trading at $0.000028, which is about 22% below the highest level last week.

This drop has brought the coin’s total market capitalization to more than $11 billion, thereby making it rank as the 17th biggest cryptocurrency in the world.

The Rottschild To Launch A New Meme Coin

The Rottschild is set to take the meme token sector by storm with the launch of a new meme coin called ‘$ROTTS’. It is said to be a deflationary currency created to tackle the decrease in value and rate of fiat currency.

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According to the creator, as long as you hold $ROTTS, the amount of token you own automatically increases. This universal currency with real utility would be launched on Monday 18th October 2021.

Ethereum Explodes As 400,000 Etheruem Exits Coinbase

As pointed out by a cryptoQuant post, about 400,000 Ethereum (1.5 billion at the current exchange rate) was withdrawn from the crypto exchange Coinbase.

Ethereum outflow shows that the total number of coins exited wallets of the exchange. This is said to be a sign of activity from institutional investors and could prove to be bullish for the coin.

Four Crypto Assets Waiting To Explode With Bitcoin Rally

Raoul Pal has claimed that four altcoins have a very similar adoption to curve Bitcoin and Ethereum. The macro investor made this known in a recent interview.

He detailed the four altcoins with rapid network adoption that have similar patterns to Bitcoin and Etheruem. According to the crypto investor, Solana, Terra, Avalanche and Polkadot tokens are the four cryptos waiting to explode with the Bitcoin rally.

Elon Musk Now Worth 861 Billion DOGE, Plans To Use It To Extend Life To Mars

Tesla & SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, now worths 861 billion doge coins. The billionaire has been an avid influencer of the meme coin via his tweets.


Elon Musk stated that he hopes his current fortune is enough to set up a permanent colony on the red planet i.e Mars. This has made some in the DOGE community dream about the meme coin becoming the currency on Mars in the future.

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