In this age and time, the concept of “Gift Cards” is no more breaking news to people in Nigeria. Even though this financial evolution started in the Western world, the whole world had been integrated into this amazing financial technology.

People buy Gift Cards from business brands to aid them in their shopping experience and sometimes, evade the unnecessary extra fees and interference of financial institutions like banks.

Brands also issue Gift Cards to create more awareness for their products and reward loyal customers by giving discounted prices on products.

Gift Cards have globally substituted the need for cash gifts or gift items. People have learnt to gift their friends and families with Gift Cards they can redeem for any choice gift in a store, instead of buying them gifts they may not like. 

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However, the Gift Card market is a multi-billion market and surprisingly, a huge sum of money is lost yearly (about $ 3 billion) from many unused Gift Cards. Why?

Oftentimes, many people who receive Gift Cards end up not using them or not redeeming the card for gifts. Some may feel reluctant to do so, some may not know, while most times, there’s absolutely nothing to buy with the Gift Card. 

Even if there’s nothing to buy with the Gift Card, what if I told you that you can sell your Gift Cards online for some cash and even cryptocurrencies?

In this article, I will explain in detail how you can sell Gift Cards online and where to sell them.

What Is A Gift Card?

A Gift Card is synonymous with a debit card issued in banks but a Gift Card is never issued in a bank or linked to a bank account. 

A Gift Card is a card preloaded with a certain amount of money which can be used for in-store and online purchases of goods and services from a particular business brand.

Gift Cards can be physical Gift Card or digital Gift Card (E-codes).

They are sold in different monetary denominations according to how much a buyer can afford, ranging from $5-$500 most times.

The money value of the Gift Card is redeemed in the store for gift items, so users can only purchase what their Gift Cards can pay for. However, one can make up an insufficient Gift Card balance with cash.

Aside from shopping with Gift Cards, you can sell Gift Cards for Naira, Bitcoin and USDT In Nigeria.

Some of the Gift Cards you can sell in Nigeria include; Amazon, American Express, Google Play, eBay, Sephora,  etc.

Sell Gift Cards Online In Nigeria

In Nigeria, it’s unarguable that many platforms offer the services of exchanging Gift Cards for cash and cryptocurrency. 

However, not every Gift Card exchange platform is conducive to your Gift Card trading experience. While some platforms may be legitimate and not dubious, they may not have the features needed for a very good trading platform.

A very good Gift Card trading platform offers high exchange rates, secure digital assets, fast payment, good customer service, a good user interface and multiple payment options.

The best platform to sell Gift Cards online in Nigeria is the Prestmit app. 

Prestmit is a highly secure, eccentric mobile app that offers exchange services to Gift Card traders. The platform had attracted more than 100,000 users since its launch in 2020 due to its unique method of executing online trading.

Prestmit app is a confluence of everything any user will ever need in a Gift Card trading app.

There are many reasons why you should consider trading your Gift Cards for Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin and USDT on the Prestmit app. Some of the features of the Prestmit app have been explained in the next part of this article.

Why Sell Gift Card On The Prestmit App?

There are numerous reasons why the Prestmit app is the surest bet for you in Gift Card trading but we can have a few of them as follows;

1. High Security: 

The Prestmit app is built on a very high-security protocol that can resist any form of malware and Internet fraudsters who prey on the data and digital assets of users. Therefore, users have no reason to be scared of losing their data or assets to scammers or hackers. The Prestmit app is highly secured and impregnable.

2. High Rates: 

A very trademark of Prestmit is the high rates offered on all digital assets on the platform. The platform believes that every user deserves the exact value return on their asset, hence, the rates on the Prestmit app are comparatively higher than the other platforms. You can easily check the automated  Gift Card rates calculator on the Prestmit platform.

3. Live Chat: 

As a way of maintaining good customer relationships and ensuring that every user is given the best service, the platform features a live chat button on the app on which users can click and engage with a customer service agent. With the live chat option, users get help as soon as possible.

4. Good User Interface: 

One thing that makes an app attractive and easy to use is the user interface of such an app. Prestmit app has a very good user interface which makes the app very attractive and easy to navigate through. Without prior knowledge of Gift Card trading, one can easily use the app.

5. Instant Payment:

Have you experienced delayed payments after completing your trade on other platforms? Try Prestmit.

The Prestmit platform credits users instantly after each completed transaction. The payment is made to their Prestmit cash or crypto wallet after which users can withdraw their bank account or personal wallet.

6. Multiple Payment Options:

Unlike some platforms where payments can only be made through one source, Prestmit pays users through multiple options like Naira, Cedis, Bitcoin and USDT.

How To Sell Gift Cards Online In Nigeria 

The main task is to find a reliable platform to trade your Gift Card on, and since you have discovered Prestmit, this is the simplest step to your breakthrough.

  1. Download the app on the Google  Play Store or Apple Store and sign up.
  2. Click on “Sell Gift Cards” 
  3. Select the payout method. You can choose any of the available payout options on Prestmit which are Naira, Cedis, USDT and Bitcoin.
  4. Select ” Gift Card Category” and choose the category of the Gift Card you want to exchange. For example, Google Play Gift Card.
  5. Select “Gift Card Type” and choose the exact type of that Gift Card category. For example, Google Play physical (100-200) means Google Play physical card between $100-$200.
  6. Select “Amount” and type in the exact amount of the Gift Card you want to trade.
  7. Upload the Gift Card image if you are trading the physical Gift Card.

In the comment section, enter the “Bitcoin Address” and any comment such as the Gift Card code (if you have it as E-code). Finally, click “APPLY” and your payment will be made instantly.


Since most people prefer to trade their Gift Card portfolio for money and crypto instead of spending them in a store for gifts they may not need, the choice to change your online Gift Card trading experience will be the best one when you choose Prestmit. 

Prestmit app is the best app for both Gift Card and cryptocurrency trading in Nigeria and Africa at large.