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Sell Gift Cards For Instant Cash: Prestmit Vs Nosh

sell gift card Before the advent of gift card trading platforms, gift card recipients in Nigeria were always left stranded anytime they got a gift card as a gift from their loved ones abroad. This is because most gift card issuers do not operate in Nigeria. This is the problem gift card trading platforms are solving today. They have given gift card owners in Nigeria an avenue to make their gift cards useful. Traders on some of these platforms can sell their gift cards for instant cash or cryptocurrency. However, not all trading platforms are reliable. If you take a trip to your App Store/Google Play Store and go through the gift card trading app reviews you would realise that traders have been encountering issues that can make trading frustrating. In this article, my aim is to help you discover the better gift card trade platform with Prestmit Vs Nosh as a case study.

There is absolutely no doubt that Prestmit and Nosh are amongst the leading gift card buyers in Nigeria but they have the peculiarities that make them stand out. But the thing is, there can only be one leader. Which of them is it? Well, get a grip of your curiosity, your question will be answered if you read on.

What Are Gift Card Trading Platforms?

Gift card trading platforms, just like the name implies are platforms (websites or Apps) where people can sell gift cards for a form of payment. These payment forms are usually cash or cryptocurrency.

With all the advantages of gift card trading platforms, traders still face different types of issues. Some of the issues traders faces are:

  • Low Rates

Every gift card trader is trying to make something tangible out of their cards, so low rates is a no-no. This is one aspect traders do not play around with when they want to sell gift cards. A number of traders have expressed their grievances about the low rates on some platforms.

  • No Payment After Transaction

This has to be the most frustrating problem of them all. Every gift card trader knows how delicate their gift card numbers are, so when you don’t get paid after a transaction, it is obvious someone has stolen your gift card. 

  • Long Payment time

Every gift card trader prefers to be paid instantly, instead of waiting in fear for so long. Late payment is another problem users face on different platforms.

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  • Poor Customer Support Response

Poor customer service response has left platform users more confused than they were before they encountered a problem. A number of traders have switched camps because of this problem.

  • Difficulty Navigation Platforms

Many-a-times I have read where users complain about not knowing what to do on a platform. This is because those gift card trading websites/apps are not user friendly. 

  • Insecurity 

When a platform does not pay instantly it creates insecurity in the minds of traders. This can be buttressed when the customer support response is not positive. 

  • Website/Apps Malfunction

A number of traders online complain about how trading apps have malfunctioned and made them lose their cards and payment. Website/app malfunctions is a major problem in the gift card trading industry.

Gift card traders should avoid problematic platforms in order to have good trading experiences. But the question is, how do you identify a good trading platform?

How to Identify a Good Gift Card Trading Platform For Instant Cash

Without experience or back end access it is almost impossible for one to know the credibility of a platform. You are in luck though, as I have created a list of things to look out for to help you identify a reliable platform.

  • High Rates

This should be a non-negotiable quality of every trading platform but apparently, not every gift card buyer believes it’s that important as a few of them still buy at low rates.

  • Rate Calculator 

A rate calculator allows users to know how much each gift card sells on a platform. A gift card trading website/app without a rate calculator is a red flag as a trader can’t know how much they will get till they complete the transaction.

  • App Reviews

App reviews is where users see, first hand, what other traders have encountered on the app. You know what they say, “to be forewarned is to be forearmed.” 

  • It Must be User-Friendly

Once a platform is not user friendly it makes trading on the platform unpleasant. It kind of feels like the makers of the platform are anti-social and do not want anybody using the app or website. A good gift card trading platform makes it easy for users to use the platforms without supervision.

  • Instant Payment

Reliable gift card trading websites/apps pay instantly without making the seller wait forever before getting paid. 

  • Payment Methods

A good gift card trading platform should be able to offer multiple payment methods options. Only a few exchange platforms offer to pay in Naira, Cedis and crypto. These are the types of platforms you consider reliable.

  • Rewards

What’s better than making money? Making more money of course. Some platforms offer rewards for referrals, platforms like this should be rated higher when making your gift card trading app choice.

  • Responsive Customer Support System

Any trader site or app that does not have a customer support system is a straight no. The absence of a customer support system means you have no access to the company when the app or site malfunctions.

Where To Sell Your Gift Cards For Instant Cash: Prestmit Vs Nosh

Prestmit and Nosh both poses the qualities of a good gift card trading platform but one of them performs at a higher standard and more consistently than the other. Using the qualities of a good gift card trading platform listed above, I have been able to show why Prestmit is a better option than Nosh:





High RatesTraders trade at the highest gift card rates on this platform. Nosh does not offer high rates.
User-Friendliness This platform scores high on user-friendliness as the platforms are easy to navigate without supervision. Even newcomers can trade on the app like pros.It’s not really easy to use, a lot of features aren’t easily located on this platform.
Instant PaymentPrestmit scores are high on paying instantly.There have been a few complaints about late payments on this app review.
Rate Calculator Rate Calculator is available and easy to locate. It’s right there at the menu bar.They also have a rate calculator, but the problem is that it’s hard to locate.
Payment MethodsTraders can get paid in Naira, Cedis and Crypto.Traders can only be paid in cash.


In Conclusion,

Now it’s obvious who the winner is, Prestmit over Nosh, no cap, just vibes, high rates, cash, crypto and instant payments. So get out those gift cards and start trading on the best platform. The Prestmit app is available on Google Play Store and App Store. If you prefer websites then you can access the Prestmit through this link.



As a cryptocurrency and gift card expert, I am passionate about exploring the intersection of finance and technology. With a background in both fields, I bring a unique perspective to my writing, offering an in-depth analysis of the latest developments and trends in the world of digital currencies and gift cards.

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